Sneaky Daddy’s Dick In Me As Mommy Slept Soundly!

Sneaky Daddys Dick landed in me one night with no warning! I mean, Daddy’s dick was always there. Sort of off in the distance. Like a junkie, unaware of the habit until…All Hell Breaks Loose!  I came into their bedroom because I wasn’t used to my new room, yet. It was thundering outside and it made me jumpy, which also meant my pussy got wet. I don’t know why it happens that way, but it always does!

Daddy and I shared a special connection from the start. We shared a tenderness I never shared with my Mom, even though, we’re very close too.

Something about Sneaky Daddys Dick made me hungry.

For years I couldn’t put my finger on it. Why after Daddy came home from work and hugged all of his girls (there’s eight of us all told) I’d go to the bathroom to find my panties soaked. Thank GOD, I chose to tell Daddy I thought something was wrong with me that at nearly seven-years-old, I was peeing my panties. Being a good father, he asked more questions and always made me feel so comfortable about being frank with him.

I sat on his side of the bed and showed him my panties and told him that it only happened when I was around him; hoping he’d have an eXXXplanation.  Boy, did he!? From the moment Daddy touched them and I looked up into his eyes, something shifted. Daddy asked how it felt when he touched here, then there. He became like a sex crazed manitou!

Sneaky Daddys Dick got harder than a STICK!

That first day, Daddy took really good care of me and I felt just like a princess. There were other days when he made me feel like a cheap whore. I didn’t really know what that was. But, now that I’m all grown up, I know that feeling very well. I just know in those times I didn’t really feel loved so much as desired by him. One thing is for sure, he was always my Daddy. And Sneaky Daddy’s Dick always got his needs met with me. Even today, he’ll get a cheap thrill from calling me for some Free Phone Sex! Giggle.

There were times when Mom would cry because he had turned away from her. I felt a little bit guilty knowing it was to me to whom he had turned.

Sneaky Daddys Dick just got dangerous!

Finally, one night after Mommy had been sleeping for hours, he came looking for me. The light cast shadows across my naked body, showing off my tiny, tight nipples that seemed to make Daddy melt. His hands slowly caressed my sides and down under the covers to my little bottom. I felt a shudder and then another gush of that wetness I now knew wasn’t pee.  He seemed to sense the wetness rather than feel it. So, that’s when he let out a sound that scared me and made me even wetter at the same time.

That night he fucked me in my little twin bed with Hello Kitty sheets. It felt like he was peeing inside me, but he told me it wasn’t. He gave me his Baby Batter and when I get older he would put a baby in me. Talk about wet?!

Sneaky Daddys Dick is a greedy fucker!

When he came into my room a few months later, I realized that my Daddy was losing his mind over my baby pussy! He took me by the hand as I sleepily followed him down the hall. I was fully awake as he slid under the covers and pulled me up on top of him. I whispered, “Daddy! What are you doing?!? Mommy’s RIGHT THERE!” He glanced over at her and put a finger to his lips as if to say, Shhhhh. But, he didn’t need to make the sound.

My heart was pounding out of control but I felt him slide his Sneaky Daddys Dick inside me. It felt so good I let out a moan and she stirred. Daddy held a hand to my mouth but pushed his dick deeper and deeper with each thrust until I creamed all over him.  I watched it slide out of me when he withdrew and it puddled onto the sheets around him.

Mommy never opened her eyes, though the thought did occur to me that she was watching all of the action.

The next day she was extra sweet to me. Telling me I was her favorite little helper and as she squeezed my shoulder, somehow, I knew what she meant and I smiled back.

If you’re wondering how else I helped my Mommy take care of Sneaky Daddys Dick… Call me!

Sneaky Daddy's Dick