Smoking Pot & The Perfect Girlfriend

Smoking pot or smoking, in general, is to me one of the most attractive things a man can do. It was about two weeks ago when I went to a party and I met someone that currently is driving me wild. When I saw him sitting by himself rolling up a joint I couldn’t resist and start talking to him. Although that night we didn’t do much but talk about video games on the next day when we hung out I told him exactly how much I liked that he smoked and things got heated very quick.

The first things out of his mouth after we made out for what seemed was a really long time, so long my panties were soaking wet, were, cig, join or bowl? I told him I want it to see him roll  a joint and as he was doing it, I sat next to him and opened up my legs and slipped my hands inside my panties. I stared playing with my clit, while I watched him. Trying not to get distracted I could see his cock grow in his pants. When he finished I took no time to get on my knees right in front of him after getting completely naked. I pulled out his cock and started sucking it. I looked at him straight in the eyes while he smoked that joint. I loved how he blowed all the smoke on my face as I gagged on his dick.

After that day, that is all we do. He smokes something for me and I serve his cock while he does it. At the end, he sometimes ends up bending me over and fucking me hard. Sometimes I just finish him off right before he stops smoking, swallowing every last bit of his load.

Let Me Be Your Perfect Girlfriend
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