My Boyfriend Has a Smoking Fetish!

My naughty friend told me all about her boyfriend with a smoking fetish! I wanted to share, so here is her story:

I’m not really a smoker, but since my boyfriend told me he has a smoking fetish, I have taken it up a bit.  He loves it when I blow smoke rings at him-I’ve learned very quickly.  My favorite thing to do is blow smoke rings over his cock. I have really good aim, who would have guessed?

It all started a few months ago. We were watching Pulp Fiction and he mentioned how hot Uma Thurman was when she smoked. I teased him a bit, but I realized he was really into it.

So I picked up a pack of cigarettes for the next time I saw him. He was very excited when he saw them, even more so when I lit one.

I grinned and inhaled, thanks to my experimenting when I was a teen, I did it quite gracefully. Leaning in, I blew smoke directly in my boyfriend’s face.

He grinned and I could see the bulge in his pants beginning to grow. I put the cigarette in my mouth and began unbuttoning his pants.

His cock was so hard that it popped right out when I got his pants down. I inhaled again and tried my hand at a smoke ring. The “O” was perfect and so was my aim. It floated right over my boyfriend’s cock and it started dripping precum. I stroked his cock a bit and did it again.

He came more than I think I’ve ever seen him cum! Now I know how to really get him off!!

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