Funny sex stories are still sex stories!

I have so many sex stories. So many of them are funny sex stories! I just wanted to share a few here since I don’t think I’ve ever shared funny sex stories!

Story 1: One time during sex, my boyfriend at the time and I tried to do the ‘roll over while still boning’ thing to switch positions from girl on top to missionary. We both went for it, but somehow we tried to roll opposite ways, and his rolling managed to send me flying completely off the bed, caught air and everything. There was about a three-second silence before we both just broke down laughing.

Story 2: A few years ago I was having sex with my then-girlfriend. She was being rather noisy, and her roommates were home, so I told her to just bite my hand. She bit it. I ended up with six stitches. Needless to say, I don’t offer myself as a sacrifice any more!


Story 3: Another ex-boyfriend used to tickle me all the time as foreplay. I guess he just liked the way I squirmed when he did it, but I would always tell him not to. I HATE being tickled since I’m so sensitive and I lose all control of my body when it happens. Anyway, he was on top of me tickling me one time and I lost control and kicked really hard. I kicked him off the bed!! After we stopped laughing, he pinned me down so I couldn’t kick him off again and fucked me really hard.

Always save the best for last.

Story 4: When I first met my current boyfriend, we were having sex when he remembered something he wanted to tell me earlier that day. So he leaned in, in the middle of sex, and whispered (in a heavy, panting, sex voice), ‘Did you know that Tony Danza had a talk show?’ Needless to say, I laughed for like ten minutes, his dick still inside me.
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