Smoking fetish — nothing’s hotter than a lit cigarette in the mouth of a beautiful woman

Smoking fetish boys need not look any further.  Welcome to the smoking fetish kingdom!  It’s just a matter of who will be the focus of your desire.  Because plenty of hotties, myself included, enjoy a sultry smoke every now and then.  They feel good before, during, and after a long day.  Maybe the cuties outside of the high school gymnasium are who catches your fancy.  They’re such brats wearing those short skirts and smoking the cigarettes they stole from their parents.  If you were to scold them, you’d probably get a puff of smoke right in your face…and love it.

Kissing your sexy new girlfriend with smoker’s breath

She probably doesn’t even realize her breath smells like cigarette smoke.  You taste it as her tongue slides into your mouth.  It’s so strong.  So hot.  You can’t get enough.  There’s just something so raunchy about your domineering girlfriend smoking her cigarettes and then helping herself to a kiss from you.

Your wife’s home…and she needs a break.

Your wife comes home, tired and cranky.  Before she does anything else, she lights one up, takes a seat in her easy chair, and indulges in a huge, relaxing drag.  The room that had once been clear is now filling with smoke because, even in the beginning, you could never bring yourself to open a window when your wife goes through a cigarette.  It smells so good and makes her so happy.  And, when she kicks off her heels, you can’t help but want to rub her feet until she’s completely finished.  If you’re lucky, she might even blow a ring or two your way.  If she does do that, will your cock be able to stand it any longer?

Taboo phone sex?  Of course!