His Smoking Fetish Had Me Buying Pack After Pack-Pt 1 – Phone Sex

Smoking Fetish is hot.  Actually, all my fetish blogs are hot as you will know if you read my Impregnation Fetish blog – A sexy guy at my gym had a huge smoking fetish. I didn’t even know that was a thing but one day I was sitting outside after my workout enjoying a smoke.

I know, smoking after working out wasn’t going to help me much. When he came out the door I was mid-drag and tried to hide it really quick.

I’d been admiring him for so long that I didn’t want to ruin my chances with him if he didn’t like smokers. He was a huge health nut so I thought it would be an issue.  I had a real conflict.  I LOVE smoking.  But, I really want to hook up with him.  His body is to die for, all hard male everywhere.  The way he walked, talked and just carried himself told me that he knew all about being a man and how to handle a hot woman.  I want to be that woman.

We made eye contact and I smiled my most seductive smile.

When I saw his eyes go down toward my hand to look at my cigarette I quickly said I was trying to quit. It wasn’t a lie, I had already cut down quite a bit. But when his reaction changed to surprise I was a little confused. He told me that I shouldn’t do that. It was my turn to look a little baffled but when he said that I looked sexy as hell when I smoked it finally clicked. He had a smoking fetish.

Then, when my eyes traveled down his gorgeous body I saw a nice bulge in his pants.  That is when I felt my nipples harden and a moistness between my legs.  Placing the cigarette in my mouth I pulled slowly and then blew out rings.  At that moment his cock hardened under his workout shorts and twitched.

Part two coming tomorrow!

So, let me know what you think of my Smoking Fetish Story – Phone Sex.

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