Impregnation Fetish:  He Loves Filling My Fertile Womb With His Seed – Part 1

Impregnation Fetish Fetish is hot.  Actually, all my fetish blogs are hot as you will know if you read my Feet Fetish blog– The intensity of his impregnation fetish turns me on so much!

He loves filling my pussy with his hot sticky cum in hopes that his sperm will find my egg.

My womb clinches and wants him to fill it up with his hot fertile cum.

We are an Impregnation Fetich made in heaven.

No matter how much time passes between our lovemaking he always seems to know when my most fertile days are.

When it is not my fertile time, I fantasize about what it will feel like when he fucks me again.

I close my eyes and use my fingers to play over my clit.

Then I slowly slide them in and out of my pussy.

his continues until I am fucking my fingers hard and soaking them with my pussy juices.

Finally, I can’t hold off any longer and cum!

Soon I will be ovulating again.  He always knows when it starts and I can’t wait to get the call from him.

Again, the time came and he has called me.

I got dressed up in some sexy lingerie and waited patiently for him to come over.

Leaving the door unlocked for him has become the norm.

He made his way into my bedroom and found me sprawled across my bed eagerly waiting for his touch.

The way he takes his time kissing his way up my legs, spreading them apart as he gets closer to my now drenched panties was enough to drive me crazy!

I need to feel his tongue slide over my clit, licking my pussy and getting me ready to take his seed.

God, I need his seed!

Part Two Cuming Tomorrow!

I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you!

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