Smoking While Getting Fucked!

Smoking cigarettes and weed while getting fucked. The air filled with puffs of smoke, We smoked a blunt to our heads, Getting high till we were giggly. I lit a cigarette and the more I smoked the more I noticed him adjusting himself. I gave him a” what the fuck” look and he stood a little hunched over trying to hide his erection. “Why do you have a boner?” I asked as I approached him. I pulled in a drag of my cigarette and blew my smoke out in little O’s, He grabbed me and kissed me while my mouth was still open and a small remanence of smoke lingered on my tongue. His cock was hard as a rock pressed against me. “I like the way you look when your smoking,” He said his voice harsh and heavy with need.

I giggled to myself what was so sexy about me smoking that made him act like that.

He pushed me on the bed cigarette still in hand as I hit the bed with a soft bounce. Before I knew it he was taking off my clothes almost too fast, Like he could cum any second. The feeling of his need was intoxicating making my clit swell and my pussy drip with wetness. I pulled in a drag of my still lit cigarette making sure I don’t waste any, smoking is an expensive habit. His body shuddered above me, “Do it again” He asked shakily. I took another drag Just to amuse him his cock was so hard pressed against me and his animalistic behavior has got me all hot and horny wanting to feel his cock inside me.

I Arched my hips up and took a drag blowing it in his face. He slammed his cock in my pussy, He was so hard I could tell he was enjoying me smoking.

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