What funny little pecker you have. It isn’t able to provide satisfaction or pleasure for anyone. So small and inadequate, it is like a clitoris. From this moment on, that is what I am calling it. Know that you are my new star for small ugly penis humiliation. Focusing on you gives me so much pleasure. Humiliating you is making my pussy tingle with excitement!

I bet your mother was always worrying that others would pick on you. It is a medical issue, right? No? Oh, so it is just that tiny. It is the smallest dick I have ever seen. That is why I am loving calling it a clitoris. You are more woman than a man. I guess rubbing it on a woman’s clit might bring her some enjoyment, but I doubt it.

I love small ugly penis humiliation.

Is having such a pathetic pecker giving you Debbie downer syndrome? You going around with a frown day and night. That is one funky dick you have. Some men have small penises but at least they are nice looking. Unable to please a woman, but not ugly like that appendage you have.

Let’s remember your childhood, especially your time at school. In physical education, changing in the locker room with all the other boys. Them with normal penises, regular size, and shape. You feeling so embarrassed as they are staring, pointing, and making fun of you. The freak boy with the weird dick. Their small ugly penis humiliation leaving a lifetime of hurt and shame.

I can’t help but laugh at you as you are trying to cover it up.

It is too late now, we are here. Don’t try hiding that thing from me. The point of this small ugly penis humiliation is my being honest with you. To be honest I have to see it in all its disgusting glory. Humiliation is one of my favorite things during my GILF sex. It is intoxicating bringing a man to his knees with his weaknesses! So much fucking fun!

You are now at the top of my list. Giving me the gift of torturing you is amazing. It is time, start spilling all your deepest, harshest secrets. If I am going to be rough on you, I must be privy to even the slightest of bad memories or secrets. What did it feel like when you showed a girl? Was she so freaked out she turned to run? It is really ugly and so itty bitty.

Small ugly penis humiliation can be excruciating if you give me those secrets!

Starting with that moment you exposed yourself to the first girl, what did she say? Was she lying to you? Telling you she was okay with it, allowing you to attempt to fuck her? It must be heart-wrenching going through that. Do they all lie to you about it? Now that you are married, your wife must be a very kind woman to marry you.

Did she see even see you in all your glory before you were married? Surely with that wacky pecker, it is imperative to show her before getting married. She is running in the other direction so that is positive. That is why you married her, isn’t it? I don’t blame you, taking advantage of someone willing to spend her life with you. How can I use this for our small ugly penis humiliation?

Getting back on track, time to give it to you now!

You are fucking disgusting and I can’t imagine living with that cock. Okay, clitoris! You see, I love huge gorgeous dicks. All of them, and especially the ones in my orifices. Fucking them, sucking them, I love it. Then there are the small useless dicks. What is a gal to do with such tiny pricks? She can’t fuck him if she can’t feel it inside her pussy!

Lastly, there is your dick that is in a category of its own. So disgusting and disfigured, something only a mother could love. Or a wife, if she was ugly herself. Oh my gosh, that is it, isn’t it? Your wife is a fat ugly beast, isn’t she? No one would marry her so she was willing to accept that cock of yours. Well, there you have it. You have hit an all-time loser for sure in my book! Be nice to me or I will bring out the GILF Sissy Feminization and take away all your manhood!


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