I hear you knocking on the door. As I am walking to the door, I feel that sense of excitement for our session. Today I will help you embrace your inner sissy. The feminine side you have kept locked away for so long. With me, you are able to be your true self as a beautiful girl. I have so much planned for our session of GILF sissy feminization.

First of all, come in and have a seat. Let me show you the outfits I have picked out for you. We have a long day ahead of us for this GILF sissy feminization event. First, let’s get you out of those manly clothes. Those are the old you and we need to shed that skin right away. As your phone sex GILF, I get to provide you with the ultimate experience in sissy feminization. It is one of my favorite things.

GILF Sissy Feminization is an in-depth process and we do it together!

Above all, you must be an open book with me. I need to understand you, what you feel, what you see for yourself and what you crave. Then, how we can best make these things happen. Using my GILF sissy feminization to help men to find their inner sissy and embrace her is so fucking awesome! Watching the caterpillar become the butterfly, hence, freeing you to be who you really want to be.

Do you see yourself as a diva, or as a demure, polite lady? Maybe you want to be that sweet little girl next door. This is your new persona so you need to be very clear. To start, I want you to hop in that tub. I have a warm bubble bath ready for you. Now that you have those old clothes off let me help you into the soothing water. It is scented with a pretty jasmine smell. That will be your signature scent from now on.

Soak your body and embrace your new feminine self.

I want to paint your nails and toes while you are bathing. You can choose between this pink or this hot red. Certainly, if you are going to be a diva, I suggest red. While if you choose the sweet lady, you will want the soft pink color. Pink it is then! Yes, you will be wonderful as the demure lady. Reserved, modest, with a bit of shy, will bring the boys running. What a great choice!

Awesome, now that you have soaked and you’re mani/pedi is done, let’s get you dried off. Step out into this warm towel. Lovely, now dry off and come into the bedroom so I can show you the final outfit I have picked especially for you. There you are, so check it out. Now that I know we are going with a reserved, classy lady, I have two fabulous outfits for you.

Of course, the lingerie is always important. The first layer of sexy!

Since you are basically a virgin again, I chose white lingerie. This soft sexy bra and satin panties feel amazing against your skin. I have a satin garter belt and silk thigh-high stockings for you to wear. Sit down and let me show you how to gently slide them on. Be careful, they are fragile and can run easily. Oh, you are a natural with them! Very good sexy lady!

I have a gorgeous pink dress I think is best. Not frilly and sexy with a reserved look about it. Good, I am glad you like it. Step into it and I will zip you up. Wow, you look fabulous! Now the heels. I have 3-inch heels and this set of 6-inch heels. As it is new to you to walk in heels, you might want the shorter ones, but it is your choice. Great, the 3-inch heels it is. There are very feminine and will add value to your entire ensemble.

Walk carefully and don’t bend your knees.

Finally, sit down here and let me do your make-up. Here is a cloth to put over your dress. Close your eyes so I can do your liner and shadow. Just soft colors to add to your persona. Wow, those look amazing. A bit of contour, then blush, perfect. Now, let’s get that perfect lipstick on. Done and how amazing you look! Oh wait, let me spritz you with your signature jasmine perfume.

You look incredible, I am so impressed. It is time to pick a name. Penelope is a great choice. Now, I have friends here waiting for the big reveal. Above all, don’t panic, it will be fun, let’s go. If you feel the need for Sissy Cum Slut Humiliation we can definitely do that! Curious to hear more about Penelope’s big reveal, call me…

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