This New Client Was A Pitiful Creature With A Small Penis

I work part time for a dominatrix. And this client came in last week that was a really pitiful creature.  So when he took his clothes off I burst out laughing. Because his cock was so tiny. You can’t really even call it a cock. It was like a little clitty. He wasn’t masculine at all and I’d been told he wanted humiliation. And I was sure able to give him some being as pitiful as he was. His small penis wouldn’t have been more than two inches long. He was actually blushing when he saw me staring at it and asking him about how many women had laughed at him. He replied he didn’t really bother with women anymore since he knew there was no hope with them.small penis client for CJ

And he didn’t have a lot of body hair, but I wanted to feminize him as much as I could. So I shaved his entire body down and he was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I then put some lingerie on him and some makeup. You’d have thought he was a girl standing there before me. He looked so girly and non-masculine. And he actually started to giggle and make these ridiculous confessions to me about how unmanly he really was. He said he sat when he went pee, like a girl. Since his mom had never wanted him to make a mess. So he always had to sit down, and even when he moved out for college and on his own afterward, he continued to sit down when he went.

His Cock Was So Small He Couldn’t Even Penetrate A Woman

He never had luck with girls. So he thought he’d not get turned down if he went to an escort instead. But even that didn’t pan out. His little nub was so small, he couldn’t really penetrate her. So she just ended up rubbing his small penis and he came on her hand after about fifteen seconds. He still had to pay for the entire hour though. It was after a few bad experiences like this that he lost all hope of having a relationship with women due to his small penis. I told him he was right, he should put it out of his mind entirely and focus on cock from now on.

He looked a bit horrified when I mentioned it to him. But I explained that with a small penis like his, his future with women was extremely limited. And that a man he could suck off, or that would fuck him, would be a much easier go of things for him. That he should work on pleasing men orally. I said we could begin this very day, and I brought in a man that worked at the dominatrix dungeon. And he was the resident bull, one of them, and he came in with an enormous eleven-inch erection.

He Could Barely Get His Lips Around The Head

I pushed little sissy clit guy to the floor and told him to open his mouth.  He looked like he was near tears, but he did as he was told. And he could barely get his lips around the head of the enormous cock. But he managed to do so with some coaxing. He was gagging on the huge cock head, but eventually, he began to suck it in earnest. And he then had a face full of cum as his reward. The bull left and he sat there on the floor covered in cum. I said this was the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life. I provide the best humiliation phone sex so give me a call!

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