There are just some guys that need to know that small Penis Humiliation is the only thing they need and deserve.  This weekend was a weekend that I will never forget.  First let me just start by saying, dick size is important. Guys, you really don’t understand what it is like for a girl’s mouth to water for a nice big cock and you present her with a tick dick made for an infant.  Some men just need to know their place.  Humiliation is what you were born for, that must be why you would have the audacity to show off that pathetic belly button you call a cock?   I am a total size queen and that micro-small cock you are sporting makes me want to get to know your big dick friends.

It all started about 2 weeks ago.  I was at the farmers market when I backed into him by accident.  He was very attractive, well-spoken and his body was sexy as fuck.  I apologized for backing into him and we chatted for a few more minutes, before exchanging numbers.  I gathered my belongings from the market and before I reached my car, I was getting a call on my cell phone.   Answerings the strange number, he identified himself as the stranger I had just met at the market.   Of course, it was kind of weird for him to have called so fast but I did not let that deter me from wanting to know more about the handsome man I had just met.  We chatted for a couple of minutes before I let him know I would call him when I got home.

Home and ready to chat!

Finally, after arriving home, I unpacked my bags and slipped into something a little more comfortable.  I picked up my phone and called the cute stranger, and over the next week, we got to know each other over the phone.  As a result, he invited me to hang out with him at his friend’s beach house.  Rather than sitting at home for the weekend, I agreed.   We made plans for him to come to pick me up, and we would head to the beach house that Friday and come home on Sunday.   We continued to talk, but by Thursday night I was so turned on after a hot night of phone sex. He talked about all the naughty things he would do to me, as I stroked my clit.  I imagined his big dick pounding me and making me scream and squirt.

After cumming together that night before, I could not wait to get the good hard fucking that Mr. Handsome had promised me.   He picked me up promptly and on time, we were both excited about the weekend.  I loved riding in his sexy Aston Martin around those curvy roads the roar of the engine made my pussy even wetter.  We continued to chat and flirt until we pulled into his friend’s driveway.  He got out and opened the door and this very attractive friend came out.  I could not help but notice how his friend’s dick bounced in his loose-fitting basketball shorts as he came down the stairs.

Small Penis Humiliation is all I had for him!

After chilling and drinking with him and his friend, we decided to retire to the bedroom.   We were both ready to get busy if you know what I mean.  We began kissing and fondling all over each other.  Then my hands went to reach for his dick and I was unpleasantly surprised.  This small penis humiliation session was just about to begin.  His pee-pee was beyond small.   I had to grab my phone to snap a photo,  cause my girls would have never believed how small this shit is.   Getting off the bed, disgusted I called out for his big dick friend.

His friend enters the room freshly shower and wearing only a towel.  Little dick was lying sprawled on the bed but immediately covered his tiny dick with one hand.   Lol, his big dick friend and I both doubled over with laughter at the fact that his hand completely concealed his little inchworm.  I turned to his friend and told him all about how hot and bothered you had me, but with no dick.   He dropped his towel and assured me that he had the hard dick I needed.

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