Sissy Boy Training is just what he deserves.  I  am talking about that noisy ass neighbor of mine.   He is always peeping, watching and telling all my business to neighbors, but today his training has just begun.  It all started when my girlfriend and I were hanging out and just having a few drinks.  That’s when I saw him looking from his window directly into mine.   I glared back at that little noisy fucker to let him know I saw him and proceeded to point him out to my friend.   Knowing he had been caught he quickly closed the blinds, but that was not going to be the end of it.  He needs to be taught a lesson.

I grabbed a bag that was sitting on the floor next to my bedroom closet and told my girlfriend to follow me.  Marching right across the street, to confront the noisy neighbor that for months has been looking into my windows.  I knocked hard on the door, I could see his eye peering through the peephole.  I knocked even harder and said, “I know you are in there, so open the door”.  Finally, the door opened and we pushed our way into his house.  He was obviously shocked as he stumbled backward and tried to regain his footing.  We rushed in and closed and locked the door behind us.  Tossing the duffle bag on the floor my girlfriend and I forced him up against the wall.   My lips just inches away from his face I said: “Now, aren’t you a noisy little fucker?”

He knows he is in trouble!

Practically shaking, he began to apologize.  Pressing my index finger over his mouth I gently say,  “Shut the fuck up and save your fucking apologies.”  He did as he was told and did not say another word.   I began to tell him what a naughty peep freak I knew he was.  I let him know I knew all the things he tells the other neighbors about the company I keep.   He tried to apologize again, but this time I pressed the entire palm of my hand over his mouth and said, “I thought I told you to shut the fuck up.”  He nodded yes.   My girlfriend opens the duffle bag and pulls out our toys for some strap-on play.

Sissy Boy Training starts right now!

His eyes got wide, and I must admit it turned me on even more.  He watched as my girlfriend and I put on our strap-on.  I could tell he was nervous about what was going to happen, yet that did not stop his cock from getting hard.  “What’s going on?”, he asked.  I quickly informed him that today is the first day of your Sissy Boy Training.  Before he could even respond, we were already pushing him down on his knees.  I loved watching her pump her cock in and out of his mouth while I lubed my strap-on to go inside of his tight virgin ass.

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