I really enjoy sharing crazy sex stories. These stories always make me wet, as I share the kinky details. My best friend works for a huge law firm. She takes me every year to her annual Christmas party because we know how to get the party started. We were having a great time. The drinks were flowing, as all the uptight bitches started to let hair down. We were definitely feeling the Christmas Spirit!

Crazy sex stories: “Here comes Santa!”

One of the sexy partners dressed up as Santa, as “Here Come Santa Claus” played through the music speakers.  Santa passed out gifts and treats to everyone. He asked me to dance.   I was eager to see his sexy moves. I enjoyed grinding and dancing with him on the dance floor. Feeling his growing cock, as he slid up against me. He excited me so much that I couldn’t resist it.  Santa began to message, as he lifted my tight fitting dress up over my hips. I felt my panties getting soaked.

Slowly, he leaned forward, as his breath released a hint of whiskey.  He began to nibble on my earlobes, as he kissed down my neck. He was so ready to devour me.  Taking me to the private room, so I could sit on Santa’s lap.

I knew right then and there I was going to fuck Santa!

I was so turned on. that I followed my naughty Santa into his private room. Right then and there, I fucked Santa! He laid on the bed, as he begged me to feed him my cunt. He savored every lick of my tight snatch, as I lapped up the length of his cock.

After several orgasms from his jolly tongue, my cunt craved his stiff candy cane inside me. I slid down on his now throbbing cock and fucked him until he filled me. Before returning to the party, I enjoyed sucking his cock clean of my juices.

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