Oh yes, I love me some small penis humiliation!  I know what you are thinking.  You are wondering what about small penis humiliation turns me on so much.   Well, I will be happy to explain why I think, It’s the best thing ever.   There is something about a man that thinks he has it going on.  However, in reality, needs a bad bitch like me to put him in his place.   Yes, he may have a nice body and be easy on the eyes.  However, if your dick is trash none of that shit even matters.


Let me tell you about my special friend Bobby.   I met him at the mall a few months ago, after shopping.   He was parked next to me in his black Mercedes GLE.   He got out to help me with my bags.   I had a chance to glance his tall frame over while he loaded my bags in my truck.   He was hot, not super muscular but lean and he smelled great.   After we got my bags into that car we had a little more small talk.

I thanked him for his help and proceeded to get into my car.   He pulled out his business card and said that he would love to take me out sometime.   I looked him over again before taking the card from him.   He asked if he could get mine, I told him I would prefer to call him.   I drove away and slid his card in my purse.

So, a  couple of weeks went by and I was cleaning out my purse, when I came across his card again.   I pulled it out, looked at it again and decided to call.    Bobby answered and he sounded absolutely sexy.   I reminded him of our encounter at the mall, and he remembered me right away.  He said, he did not think that I was going to call but he was hoping I would.   We chatted for a bit, getting to know a little more about each other.   He seemed really cool, like someone I would want to get to know a little better.   So when he invited me to dinner I accepted.

Dinner went great!

What a perfect gentleman Bobby was.   He picked me up on time, opened every door and showed me a wonderful evening.   Even walking me to the door without assuming he was going to be let in.   I learned that he owned his own business, which was doing very well.  Never been married and no kids.  Needless to say, there were definitely more dates.   Because I definitely had to know if this was too good to be true.

After quite a few casual dates, he invited me to New York for the weekend.   His best friend was getting married and he would love me to accompany him.   I accepted and it would be our first overnight trip together.  Getting to know him on a  more intimate level at this point was my intention.

The wedding was great!

I met a lot of his friends and family, it was a lot of fun.   A group of his friends came back to the hotel we were staying in to go swimming.   We all swam, drank and had a ball.   After the crowd dwindled down, his friend “D”  suggested the 3 of us go up to the room and smoke a blunt.   We both were like hell yeah.   So we all sat in the hot tub on the balcony and got high.   I scooted over to Bobby and began to run my hands over his abs to his cock.   That’s when I knew why was so successful, single, and no kids.   This mother fucker has no dick.    I couldn’t help but look at him with surprise and disgust.   Bobby knew it the whole time he was with 2.5 inches of hard dick.

Small penis humiliation was all I could offer!

His friend “D” sensing the tension, ask if everything was ok.   Pissed, I blurted out, “Fuck NO!”  This man got me all worked up for some good dick and all he deserves is small penis humiliation!”  I laughed at Bobby, letting him know that his baby thumb he calls a dick would never satisfy me.    I need a real cock.   “D”  smiled at me and said, well I have plenty of that.   Pulling out a massive BBC, both Bobby and I were like ” Dayum”    I made Bobby lick my pussy and get me ready for his BBC friend.

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