Small Penis Humiliation Calls Are Some Of My Favorites

Small penis humiliation calls are some of my favorites, it’s so easy to laugh at undersized men! A story I tell to them sometimes is from my school days. There was this one idiot in our class that was always teasing the girls. He’d snap their bra straps, lift up our skirts, pinch our bottoms. All sorts of things he shouldn’t have been doing. My boyfriend said he’d seen this clown in the locker room and he had a very small penis. So he teased the girls and made a nuisance of himself. It was the only attention he was liable to get from females. I soon shared this with my female classmates. The class idiot had a small pee pee.

The Girls Will No Longer Tolerate His Teasing

Word spread like wildfire. It wasn’t long until he heard about it and had flaming red cheeks as ones pointed and laughed at him. I was such a teasing slut! The boys all knew it was true, since they’d seen him in the locker room. The girls would no longer tolerate his teasing, since they had this ammunition against him now. As most with little dicks know though, small penis humiliation can make their little peckers rock hard. He came to me after class and said when I’d been laughing and pointing at him, he’d never been so hard. What a loser he was. I laughed even harder at his admission.

They Were Giggling At His Acorn Sized Penis

He was almost proud of his shortcoming and asked me if I’d like to see how truly small it was. Without even waiting for me to reply, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his little nub of a cock. I started to giggle, upon hearing me giggling, a few of my friends came back into the room to see why. They saw his acorn sized penis and then they were giggling as well. He was getting aroused at this small penis humiliation by his classmates.

He Groaned With Delight At My Touches

I said to the others it was small, but I bet we could still make it cum. He smiled at the prospect of it. I ran the tip of my middle finger over it like a little clit and he shivered with delight. The girls looked on giggling as I worked my fingertip over and over the head in little circles. There were soon little drops of precum forming at the tip and he groaned with delight at my touches. There wasn’t much to grip onto, so I just rubbed it like a clit and he was enjoying it. One of the other girls came and sat beside me and started to massage his little balls. He was in seventh heaven.

We Teased Him About His Useless Cock

I stopped rubbing him and he asked why. I said you’d teased us all and you didn’t deserve to cum. He apologized to all of us and said his tiny penis made him do things he knew he shouldn’t. Act out in ways he shouldn’t, since he knew none of us would ever want him. He begged me to let him cum, so I resumed. This was a one time deal, I told him. He nodded in understanding. He was breathing harder and harder and I was teasing him about his little, useless cock no one wanted. I knew he was right on the brink of cumming. From the size of his balls I expected only a couple of drops to come out when he did.

Drops Of Cum Dribbled Out Of His Tiny Cock

The girls standing around us were laughing at him, but he seemed to enjoy it. I rubbed him faster and faster and told him no woman would ever suck it, or allow him to fuck them. He said he knew it, that this was likely the best he’d ever have. He said small penis humiliation porn was what he watched when he jerked off at home.  All of a sudden he arched his back and moaned and around three drops of cum dribbled out of him. Kind of a sad display to say the very least. The girls giggled at it and started to disperse. He thanked me and zipped up. How sad to have such an undersized little cock. He never teased any of the girls again. He realized his dick was touched for the first and possibly last time in his life and he was grateful.

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