Have you been craving small penis humiliation in your life? Perhaps you are unaware you even have been. I am sure you have at a time or two in your life thought those who enjoyed a little bit of Small Penis Humiliation were freaks. In fact, surely you are shaking your head right now in agreeance. However, I can always tell whenever a boy needs to be put back in his place. Men always think their cock is not the biggest but greatest. Truly though that is not the case for most men. They stand a little tall and instead need to be knocked back down. That was the case for one of the Dads I was babysitting for. 

Babysitting for A Freak

His wife was amazing and his children were easy to sit for. However, his wife would get very dunk by their night’s end. Of course, that would lead him to be the one who was taking me home. On most occasions, nothing happened. Although, I was never convinced that anything could happen. He never really seemed man enough to handle his wife, never the less myself. However, I am sure he was assisted with some liquid courage because on the car ride home he began telling me how beautiful I was and how I must make all the boys at my school very honry. There was no doubt about that. 

He took the back way home, stopping off at an abandoned parking lot and pulling over. He stroked the side of my face and told me I would be special for him. Of course, I was used to bold men such as himself. Although, he had no idea of this still thinking I was the innocent babysitter girl to him. Starting as men girl lovers due he asked me to keep a secret and then began to button his fly. I agreed and he pulled the zipper down a little further. Then, reaching inside of his jeans he pulled out what he thought was so impressive. I squinted at it hesitating and trying to hold my laugh in a little. He smiled and asked if I was scared. I replied that I was shocked. Attempting to soothe me he assured me that it was nothing to be scared of. 

Small Penis Humiliation Is what he deserved

I assured him, I was not scared I was shocked. He began to question was I was shocked about. I squinted again trying to find what he was so impressive about. I assured him I was so shocked by how he managed to create so many beautiful children when his pecker was so tiny. Suddenly I was unable to hold my laughter back any longer. In the passenger seat of his cock, I tilted my head back and motioned my index finger and thumb to show it was tiny. 

His jaw dropped to the ground as he just stared at his young passenger who was enjoying so much of a laugh. I told him his pecker was too tiny to please a girl like me. Offended he tried to stuff it into his pants. However, that was not before I could snap a picture on my phone. I told him he better keep his miserable Weiner out of his jeans so I could laugh at it. However, he did not want me sharing this photo with all of my friends or his wife. Whimpering he pulled it out. He realized the predicament he had gotten himself into and had no option. 

Continuing to make fun of him he stoked himself. I laughed at how tiny his stroked were on his stiff hard cock. As hard as he was and his ding dong could barely reach from the fly of his jeans. Surely he did not think his pathetic whiskey dick was going to impress me. That would truly be just sad. However, with his thumb and index finger, he just kept tugging. 

Pay Your Humiliation Mistress

Reaching for his wallet thumbed through the cash that was in there. Five hundred bucks were quite the bonus I had earned myself. A small price to pay for such a loser after all. He whimpered as I began negotiating that This Fetish phone sex queen would be receiving this fee from now on. He better not try and get out of it either as I now had a full roll of tiny pecker pics ready to send his wife. To make them even better I touched his little guy with the tip of my finger and made a gagging face for the cameras. Of course, that causes the loser to squirt. I made that small penis humiliation freak leave it out while he drove me home too. It brought me great pleasure to listen to him yelp as his penis skin struck the zipper with every bump. Dumbass.

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