Small Penis Humiliation

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I Love Humiliating You!

Okay, I made some of those up.  And some of you have heard me say these things to you.  I do love small penis humiliation! This blog post is for you, my lovely, fun-size guys!  Y’all know I adore each and every one of you – in a purely non-sexual way, of course. But don’t be sad… you know I love humiliating you almost as much as I love a big, thick, hard cock pounding me from behind. 

Because I care, though, I have compiled a list of ways that you can cope with your feelings about your one-inch wonder. I’m sure you realize that I am neither a health professional nor a medical researcher and that virtually nothing here is likely to be scientifically accurate.  But, I do know what to do about that mini-me in your pants so I know it will be extremely helpful!

Maintain a State of Denial

You can lie to yourself about its importance.  Try repeating to yourself cliche mantras such as “size doesn’t matter,” “but I’m great at eating pussy,” and “I make a lot of money, so it doesn’t matter.”  And you can tell yourself that women don’t really crave that “filled up feeling” as much as they say.  

Or, you can pretend that it’s not really all that small.  Tell yourself that 4 inches is just about average or that a little bit of girth can make up for a lack of length.  Possibly, just never even look at it. And try to avoid self small penis humiliation – that’s my job. Definitely try to stop staring at your naked body in the mirror and asking yourself, “what girl would want this?”

Staying in denial will be tough, though, since I try very hard not to let you forget for even a minute about your penile inadequacies. You may even wonder what possessed you to send me pictures of your niblet.  So, maybe give this one a pass.   

Small Penis Humiliation -Try Male Enhancement Products

I bet not one of you hasn’t been at least curious about the pills, devices, mysterious techniques and exercises that are advertised everywhere.  You can’t get away from them, no matter who you are. One thing we know for sure is that there are enough men with anxiety about their penis size to support a more than 100 million dollar industry in the US alone! 

Are you thinking of taking some pills or rubbing on some cream?  Male enhance “medications” usually contain vitamins, herbs, and other such nonsense.  Most of these products are expensive, ineffective, possibly dangerous, and lack clinical research.  Really, just a complete waste of money. Are you still thinking, “but surely there’s one out there that will work for me! I just haven’t found it yet…”  Well, you’re wrong. Don’t squander money you could be spending on me with these things!  

Talk To Your Doctor

Yes, you can go to see your Doctor and tell him that you think your penis is too small. This could unlock a few more medical treatments like prescription medication and surgery (eek!).  But what if your physician is a lady? Or even worse – a handsome, confident man who you just know has a horse cock in his pants? Are you going to admit your secret shame to them? Worse yet, are you brave enough to let them poke and prod your limp little shrimp and have them judge you based on its size? Of course, you’re not!

Next up?  How to Cope When You’re a Man With a Small Penis – Part 2, of course!

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And if you want to talk about humiliation phone sex, need a bit of my own special brand of sex therapy or anything else just call me for the best phone sex you will ever have…