Our story of me making you my pay pig, and you finally making me happy

Making you my pay pig – It started for you long before you’re reading these words now. And long before making you my pay pig, you first became intrigued by reading my earlier words. Then you saw my pictures and became infatuated. But it’s when we finally met that I really, truly had you. You said you found me enchanting. I liked that a lot, but you didn’t exactly make my pussy drip the way that some guys do.Becoming my pay pig

We both knew that you’d never be able to satisfy me the way that real men can. You have a small dick – only about 4 inches hard. Even less sexy to me – you’re very submissive and need to be told what to do. I need a dominant, aggressive, alpha man with a big, thick cock to fuck me and put me in my place.

You were very persistent

I didn’t really see the point in spending any more time together but you were persistent. You said that even though you couldn’t satisfy me with your little dick, you were really good at eating pussy. I agreed to let you try and you were right, you are good at it. But even though you tried your best and it felt really good, you couldn’t make me cum. A man like you is just never going to make me cum.

We lay on the bed and you told me how disappointed you were in yourself. You wanted so badly to please me. I noticed your little dick was quite hard and dripping pre-cum from your efforts. I absently started playing with it with my fingers as we talked. You reacted as if it was an electric shock and started desperately pushing your little dick into my hand, trying to get me to stroke it faster and harder. It was obvious that you were about to cum so I took my hand away, leaving you ineffectively humping the air.

I loved the power I had over you

I felt really sorry for you. You’re a really nice, successful, handsome guy and I don’t mind spending time with you. But to be honest, the thought of getting you off did not appeal to me at all. And letting you fuck me was out of the question. But surprisingly, teasing you and denying you an orgasm appealed to me a great deal.

I loved the power I had over you – it was almost intoxicating. Making you my pay pig was the last thing on my mind then.

You would do anything I asked

You begged me to touch you again and said that you would do anything I asked. I told you that I did not want you to cum and asked if you still wanted my fingers on you. “Yes!” you squeaked out, so I started edging your tiny dick with my fingertips again. I edged you over and over while you moaned in pleasure.

I was thinking – you’ll do anything I ask you of you because I said so. Also, I kind of like spending time with you and most importantly you have a lot of money! That’s when I knew exactly what to do and that this would be better than any of the kinky sex stories I had read. I knew I’d be making you my pay pig!

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