I know you’ve asked me a lot of times.  You seem to be getting quite desperate.  And you want to know when you will be let out.  Well, let’s see…


1 Day?

No, of course not.  Don’t be ridiculous. Remember, you asked me for this.  So many times. When we would talk about locking you into a chastity device and turning the key over to me, your cock would be rock hard and dripping with pre-cum.  This is the first of many of our kinky sex stories. And now you want to be let out the first day? Seriously babe, try to be a man about this.

3 Days?

Nope – definitely not long enough.  I know it’s getting difficult. Your balls are full and are starting to ache.  All you can think about is the relief of an orgasm.  But you know that release is not what you really need. Maybe it will get a bit easier in a few days.  Haha – no it won’t.

One week?

No, sweetie. You’re only starting to get used to chastity now, both mentally and physically.  You’re starting to realize and accept that an orgasm is not going to happen anytime soon and it’s a waste of time and energy to keep expecting one.  And really, isn’t it a little soon to start begging?

You’re just beginning to stop fighting it and really experience your intensifying arousal and desire.  You know this is what you want. Remember, this is one of our kinky sex stories.  Soon you’ll come to accept that your pleasure doesn’t come from orgasms or masturbation –  but from the always present craving for gratification that is rarely, if ever satisfied.

Three weeks?

Hmmm… maybe.  I really love you like this. You’re so dedicated to submitting to me now.  And you’ve never been so attentive to my needs. And of course, you’ve become astonishingly good at eating my pussy now.  I believe we’ll go a little longer and see what other ways you can find to please me.

So, how long???

I’ll never tell you that.  It could be today it could be next week. I might give you an early release for “good behavior” but you’ll still never know when I’ll let you out.  And maybe I’ll let you out a lot earlier than you expect. But only because I want to feel your neglected cock inside of me for a bit. And then back in you’ll go, without cumming of course.

But don’t worry – it won’t be forever.  Or will it?



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