Small Penis Humiliation: You Can Pleasure No One with Your Microscopic Cock

Honestly, in my vocation as a phone sex operator, I am often in conversation with men who love to wallow in the shame of small penis humiliation.  It is clear to me, you are subconsciously aware of your own internal need to be put in your place.  It is what you live for. Obviously, you need it. You do not have a dick big enough to please any woman with.   You cannot properly fuck anyone.  It is important to remember that you are the filthy little bitch here.  Therefore, I will (un)kindly remind you.


Your little needledick can pleasure no one.  Remember that.


Pleasuring women is often difficult, if not impossible, for those of you with such an unfortunate bodily dysfunction.  Those of you with pitiful little innies for penises; those of you with girth hardly as thick as my own pinky finger!  Clearly, you couldn’t possibly get a woman off with your tiny little member!  Really, the concept is laughable! Eeek, a worm! Your dick is so small you could not even penetrate me with it, let alone get me off. That is why you are pathetic little bitches, unworthy of eating delicious pussy, not manly enough to suck on my juicy clit.  No, you worthless little sluts need to be made to suck big cock.

It’s true, you insignificant, sniveling little boys live to pleasure real women and men.  With your tiny little needledicks existing microscopically between your legs solely for small penis humiliation.  For this reason, I laugh and jeer at you and your insignificance.  You are pathetic and desperate. Yes, you are infantile.


Learn what a real cock looks like.  Analyze its girth.  Understand its length.  Go ahead, explore its size.

As previously stated, you sad, ridiculous little nothings are in need of training to serve cocks of proper size and girth.  Where you are tiny and weak, these other men are huge and unwieldy.  Therefore, you must take their massive members in your mouth like the greedy little pigs you are. In so doing, you must look up into their eyes from your sad place on your knees. So, choke on their cocks and be reminded of tiny and ridiculous yours is.

Without looking—and I mean really hunting for it—would you even be able to find that little prick on your own body? Listen, you must not even be concerned with pleasuring yourself! So, perhaps you are one of these so-called men that need to be trained to abstain from self-pleasure so that you can focus on pleasuring others.  I doubt however there is even a small enough male chastity cage on the market for your little shrimp dick.

No, just focus on the massive cock in your mouth.  Remember how tiny your own dick is in comparison.  And when you’re gargling on the massive load this truly manly figure has just shot down your overeager throat, remember that your own minute little member is so microscopic, so insignificant, no one would be able to wrap their lips around it. It’s true, you might as well have a pussy yourself, with your little inny of a dick.


You are a joke.  You’re a feeble excuse for masculinity.  Don’t kid yourself, you’re less than a man.

Hence, you are laughable and ridiculous. Likely, for those of you who need small penis humiliation in their lives, growing up is filled with locker room memories of being humiliated by your peers, memories of first times with girlfriends who upon seeing your naked body couldn’t help but raise a hand to their mouth and laugh or cringe. Obviously, they’re laughing at how pathetic and worthless you are.  They’re cringing at your desperation and utter lack of masculinity.  Understand, with that tiny little dick… you are nothing.


Small penis humiliation: a gateway drug?


For some of you, small penis humiliation is just one step away from other forms of humiliation.  Whether you’re being pissed on, whipped, or cuckolded you know your desire is to be revealed as the pathetic little dog you are!  You appreciate being a cuck because you know how small your penis is.  You accept that you can’t please the woman you’re with, and therefore need a real man to make your woman happy.   I get it.

Small penis humiliation is gratifying for you small dick losers.  You love being put in your place in this way. I can do that for you.  I can be the one to discipline and train you and your minuscule shrimp dick.  You’re so eager for it, I know.  And not only do you long for me and desire me, but you need me.  You need small penis humiliation.  Accept it.  Give me a call. 

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