It is glaringly clear that you were eager, lust-ridden men are just desperate for a woman that dominates you in bed. But you need to earn your keep.  You do not deserve this sweet cunt of mine, nor do you deserve to even touch yourself, until you have proven yourself to me.  Then and only then, I MIGHT be feeling generous and charitable enough to allow you to indulge in the sweet pleasure of my perfect body.  Until then, it is time to lock the cock.  It is time to strap on that male chastity cage.  

I am in control of your orgasms from now on.

Every man NEEDS the male chastity cage experience.    He absolutely must have his cock denied.  And the denial goes further than orgasm.  He must be denied even the experience of achieving an erection.   He must feel what it is like to completely surrender control of his cock to truly know the real pleasure that is possible when each calculated orgasm is revered and savored rather than given away freely. Get locked up a while and unlock the door to a vibrant erotic experience.

I know a lot of men who are dying to be punished. 

Filthy little sex-crazed sluts or just inept and inferior men who need to be put in their place.  Bad behavior, or just an unfortunate station in life.  Either way, punishment is imminent and well deserved. Many crave the sweet surrender, however, have no idea of what it would mean if I lock that cock up. I can promise you I will savor every moment. You’ve been looking for that woman who will take the lead and so keenly treat you to a night of tease and reward you when you prove yourself.

A Long Night

Let’s conjure the image.  I bet you can see it in your mind’s eye. You see me put you on your knees and slap that round little ass before I strap you in that male chastity cage. Your pleasure is no longer your own. Your orgasms are no longer your own. It is all at my fingertips and dictated by my whim.   I tell you how bad a boy you’ve been with you kneeling and pleading my forgiveness. I know you want me to tease you slowly, and perhaps even send you on errands with your cock safely in that cage.  Maybe, just maybe, if you prove your worth,  will I reward you with kisses or, better still, the sweet pleasure of servicing me and touching my delicious body.

You’d wear that male chastity cage out in public.  All locked up and tucked away but no one would know. It’d be our little secret. 

Perhaps I’d take you out to buy me nice things, or out to a nice restaurant. Or perhaps I’d string you along to an event where you’d be obligated to interact with many people like your little cock secretly throbbed inside of your male chastity cage.  

You would have to earn the privilege to eat delicious pussy.  You would have to demonstrate your commitment and show me how much you need this.

I’d keep you exactly where I want you; I’d watch you moan and beg and ask for your freedom, eager with want. I would let you clean my asshole, and eat it out real good once you’d proven yourself.  You could eat this delicious and beautiful pussy if you are obedient and subservient with the utmost consistency. Oh, the places that would get you, the things it would do to you, I can only imagine.

See, I am the key holder, the answer to your dreams, the object of your fantasies and the only one teasing you tonight.

I decide if you get to cum or if you go home in that cage. So you had better obey or there will be consequences.

I see the look in your eyes and the sweat dripping from your face. You love the denial, the withholding, the suspense, the thrill. I see the way you look at me and the things you wish you were worthy to do to me. Oh, I can see it all. I know you’re almost there, right where I want you.

You would electrify under my touch. 

It would be a bittersweet feeling. Bitter because it’d be impossible to achieve an erection under these circumstances, and achingly painful to be denied but sweet because you anticipate the heights of ecstasy you will feel when I allow you to. You are dying for the moment I let you come out to play. I know how eager you have been.

Call on me for hot phone sex, and experience the unmatched release only possible with a male chastity cage.

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