More Small Penis Humiliation

Wee-nis, baby carrot, pee-pee, dinky winky, micro-phallus, white-boy dick, micropenis, shrimp, wee-wee, mini-peen, angry inch, shorty, Lil’ stub, Stubbington. This blog post is for you, my lovely, fun-size guys!

Try Creating an Optical Illusion

There are several ways that you can avoid more small penis humiliation.  One way is by tricking women into thinking that your penis isn’t as slight as it actually is:

  • Trim your pubic hair. That tangle of hair is making it look even smaller. And you should be doing this before you send me pictures anyway. Have some manners, guys.
  • Get fit and lose weight – the smaller your body is, the bigger your dick looks!
  • Stay warm – We all know about shrinkage. But will that matter to your lady when she sees it for the first time, and it’s even smaller than it has to be? Be sure to maximize what little size you have and make sure you always reveal yourself to a lady for the first time in a very warm environment. Try doing so in a sauna, a greenhouse or a hot yoga class.

All of these can make a difference visually, but definitely not functionally. Is this misleading women? Maybe it is. But don’t worry – we’re not really buying it.

Hardware – Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are hollow tubes that you put over your penis and pump all of the air out. This creates, well, a vacuum that draws the blood from all over your body into your penis and makes it swell. This creates what I like to call a fake boner. These can be a good choice if you can’t get an erection, but it’s not going to do a damn thing about your trouser acorn.

Also, if you find that you just like playing with it and use it too much, you risk damaging what little penile tissue you have. This would, of course, lead to even more small penis humiliation.  Since there’s no evidence that this can increase penis size and can possibly be dangerous, this does not sound like your best option.

More hardware – Penis Extenders

According to the adult toy site Extreme Restraints, with penis extenders, you can expect to: “Fuck your partner with more length and girth when you slip your cock into a penis extender! Instantly get a huge cock to fulfill all your wildest fantasies.” Now you can stop obsessing over your less than adequate penis size. In seconds, you will finally have the ability to satisfy your lady when you slip your limp little noodle into a big, bulging penis sleeve.

Now, I like this one – but only because using them must feel incredibly humiliating. This option is so simple – basically you just slide your tiny dick into a much bigger fake dick and then go get yourself some pussy!

Try Counseling

Is it possible that you have overall body image issues and you just focus most of your disappointment on your small penis? Counseling can help you feel the appropriate amount of shame throughout all parts of your body, lessening the burden on your poor, beleaguered little nub. He should not have to endure more small penis humiliation himself!

I suppose that therapy could also help with building self-esteem, addressing distorted body image, and developing insights into other things that contribute to self-worth. But what fun is that for me? Try to remember what is really important…

For less, rather than more small penis humiliation, try prayer…

It can’t hurt to add your desire for a larger penis to your daily prayers. People pray for much less important things, I am sure. And you really do need help.

Not a prayer kind of guy, or do you prefer not to waste your higher power’s time with your insecurities? You can also try chanting, meditating, drumming, conjuring, visualization, wishing, and hoping for just a little more length. Will it work? Probably not. But is it still worth a try? Probably not.

Just Give In

You know it’s what you really want. Just go ahead and embrace your need for humiliation and shame. It feels so good – you know it does. It’s what makes you call me again and again. And that small penis humiliation keeps your little peanut hard just thinking about it.
You want me to humiliate you, call you names and make fun of you. You can’t get enough of me questioning your manhood and your ability to please your wife or girlfriend. Sometimes you want me to tell you all about how some other guy is pleasing her instead. You know, deep down, that small penis humiliation from me is really the only help you need with your cute little stub.

Want more humiliation? You know you do – you can never get enough, you little masochist… Head over to my “Making You My Pay Pig Part 2” blog post!

small penis humiliation

And if you want to talk about humiliation phone sex, need a bit of my own special brand of sex therapy or anything else just call me for the best phone sex you will ever have…