I’ve Been A Part Of More Than One S&M Story Over The Years

I’ve been a part of more than one S&M story over the years. I work in a dungeon with a dominatrix as her helper. Usually when she’s having a busy time, I step in. I of course am usually playing the dominant role like she does. Often doing a lot of strap on play Last week though a client of hers was wanting to try a new girl and he hadn’t had a session with me before. I told her I was a bit reluctant to be submissive, but she told me to give it a shot. She warned me he was pretty hardcore, but I said I could tolerate it for one session.

He Started To Really Whip My Ass

He was indeed hardcore and asked me how I felt about getting a good spanking. I was prepared for it and said go ahead, give it to me. And I was bent over a bench in the room.  he got a riding crop off the wall and started to whip my ass. I gasped as I felt it hit my ass cheek. I could hear it slice through the air and then winced as it landed upon me. Good Girl to shouted.

He Called Me A Slut And A Whore

I then got on my knees in front of him and he took some nipple clamps and attached them to my nipples. It hurt. He tightened them even more and I cried out. I’d never been treated this way before. And it stirred something within me I couldn’t quite put my finger on. He called me a slut and a whore, verbally abusing me . I found myself getting aroused at his treatment. An S&M story I was involved in last week had me being the one to administer the spankings. I found I quite liked being a switch. Not all dominatrixes will do a switch role, but occasionally one will. I found it suited me.

I Let Out A Cry For Him To Stop And He Laughed

He put a spreader bar on my ankles . It made my legs wide open . He then took a Hitachi wand and placed it on my pussy on the highest setting. I arched my back at the sensation.  I begged him to stop . He only laughed in response. He ground it into me and made me cum against my will. I have not had such an intense orgasms in a long time. He more than enjoyed doing this to me. His cock was rock hard and sticking straight out as he made me cum with the high powered vibe.

He Was Making Me Play Games

He knew I was very wet from having cum and he said he was going to take advantage of that. Before I knew what he was doing, my hands were in handcuffs.  I had a hand on my cunt. He was easing his fingers all inside of me until his whole hand was in me. I had never felt so stretched out in my life. He worked my clit with the thumb of his other hand, forcing me to orgasm yet again.

His games exhausted me. I was still breathing heavily from having cum again when I found myself bent over his knee. His hand spanking me hard. He was hardcore alright. By this time my nipples were numb from the tight clips still on them. This S&M story seemed without end. He said his greatest pleasure was from giving others pleasure. Even if it was kind of against their will at the time. It turned him on when he knew that I came.

I Enjoyed Being A Submissive Slut

He took his cock in his hand and started to stroke it in front of me. I stared at his huge cock. He knew he had an impressive cock and he liked showing it off. I watched as he stroked it and pumped it and it began to leak drops of clear precum. He groaned with pleasure as he squirted his load in front of me. He came so much . And He thanked me for being a good little submissive whore for him and I said anytime. I had a feeling I’d be seeing this one again soon.

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