I was a ragdoll after being so well fucked.

The demon who had his way with me and the ghost who accompanied him were carrying me. My legs were still shaky due to the multiple orgasms that ripped through my body. I could still feel the ghosts’ slightly cold cock pushing in and out of me. The pumpkin paint was mostly gone by now, smeared by heat and sweat over the demon’s chest. 

The demon carried me upstairs in his arms through a series of impossibly long corridors. The erotic haunted house didn’t look that big from the outside!

Monsters of all kinds filled the room he carried me into. Horrors never described in books, tentacles, ovipositors, claws, and teeth. Slime, scales, and fur side by side; sometimes all on one monster! In the middle of it all sat a massive cauldron and an attractive-looking slutty witch. I was set down in front of her on my knees, my shaky legs unable to hold me upright.  She grabbed my face and moved it this way and that, examining me. 

Who was this slutty witch?

I’d never seen anyone who exuded such confidence before, and she enraptured me completely. When her legs uncrossed, I saw her bare pussy in front of me, wet and ready. The slutty witch stood, revealing her impressive height. Even without her high heels, her figure would dominate me. When she walked up to me, she surprised me by reaching into the cauldron behind me.  Her hand dipped into the vat and procured a tiny shot glass full of the liquid. She grabbed my face, opened my lips, and poured the drink into my mouth. I swallowed it, unable to refuse her.

I didn’t know what she had just done to me.

It took effect immediately, whatever it was. I started to feel hot, very hot. My body was instantly on fire, tingling everywhere. It felt more concentrated in my breasts and my pussy. I rubbed my nipples and felt pleasure ripple through me. I got more distracted, rubbing harder, the fingers of my other hand moving to my pussy. Above me, the witch laughed. 

Before I knew what was happening, a clawed hand wrapped around my stomach and pressed my back against a furry chest. I felt breath from a long, toothy maw panting on my cheek. 

The slutty witch smirked down at me. When I looked down, I was shocked to see a thick red cock between my legs. Precum dripped out of the slightly pointed tip, and the fat knot hung heavy between my thighs. 

All I could think was;

Oh, fuck yes, this is exactly what I needed. I’d never wanted anything so badly, and the way his thick paw wrapped around my waist made me swoon. 

The werewolf growled right next to my ear, and the witch made a motion to him. Whatever it was, I loved it. He immediately pushed the full length of his cock into me, up to the knot. I feel the tip of him bump my cervix, and my legs shake from the wave of pleasure. He kept rutting his hips against mine, moving back and forth, but his knot was being firmly rejected by the tightness of my pussy

I know that slutty witch wouldn’t let him stop until he had shoved his entire cock into me, knot and all.


Good morning kinksters! If you hadn’t already gathered, this is a continuation of my last blog about the erotic haunted house. Give that a read if you want more spooky, sexy stories! If you find yourself suddenly feeling animalistic, wild, and in need of some hot and heavy phone sex, give me a call!

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