I think all of my friends knew something about me that I had not intended to tell them. Perhaps I made it too obvious, or maybe they all found out on their own that I had an attraction to monsters, but I knew there was trouble brewing like a witch’s cauldron when I got invited to a haunted house with them. A haunted house? Wasn’t that a thing that only teenagers did? Around Halloween, we would always go to parties, get drunk in our tiny costumes, and spend the next day comparing body counts. They convinced me by telling me that it was an erotic haunted house. ‘Oh,’ I thought… ‘So there’s going to be a slutty zombie chasing me? It’s also a little unique because they did something completely INSANE.

As I looked up at the giant foreboding house…

They grabbed me as soon as I stepped out of my car and spent the next couple of harrowing seconds pulling my shirt off of me, my bra shortly following. They were swiftly whisked away by my friend. I shrieked when I felt cold hands all over my tits! They were smearing orange paint on my sensitive breasts, making sure to cover my quickly perking nipples in color too!

Then, as the paint dried over my skin, they took a black-covered paintbrush and turned my perky breasts into C cup pumpkins!

Despite my protests, they wouldn’t give me my shirt back, and now all I had left was my scarf and pants. They started leading me up the hill towards the erotic haunted house, and I felt my body shiver in anticipation. They swung open the heavy doors… Why were there no people in line? Didn’t we have to pay to go in? Nobody was even at the door. Something was off…

No sooner than I thought that, I was pushed roughly in, and the door was slammed shut, cutting off the sound of giggling. Now I was locked in, half-naked in a dimly lit hallway. 

I thought it was just a dumb prank

I started wandering around the house, looking for a back door. Hearing knocking and thumping didn’t affect me as I still thought it was my friends outside banging their hands against the walls.

Then I saw something huge in the doorframe. A giant man-thing. Grey skin, curled horns, and a tail menacingly waving back and forth. His wings filled the doorframe. Before I could even react, his clawed hands reached out and pressed against my tits. I thought this was a joke, but it was an actual erotic haunted house. 

Before I knew it, he had me turned around and my back pressed to his body, his hands playing with my painted breasts. His huge demon cock was between my thighs, and… wait… what was pulling my pants down?

I saw nothing, but a cold chill ran down my hips as my pants were lowered and the demon’s cock pressed against my hot pussy. When I looked up… JINKIES… a ghost!

The ghost bit his lip and smiled at me, his ice-cold hands caressing my legs. I was already very wet. More turned on than I might have ever been before. Fucking actual monsters. If I wasn’t being held up, I might have collapsed. I wondered if there were any werewolves around, with a nice thick knot for me…

Hey there, it’s Ares, your JOI phone sex mistress. Honestly I’m a massive teratophiliac and often find myself daydreaming about stuff like this. If you enjoyed this, you might enjoy my blog about a breeding fetish I have (I think the two are closely related). Until next time, kinksters.


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