Confession Time

Hey, it’s Ares, your local JOI Expert and mistress extraordinaire. Confession time! I have a breeding fetish. I have a vast breeding fetish. The thought of cum being trapped into a condom is a complete waste to me. There is no place I enjoy cum more than inside of me. Something of the feral-sounding concept of ‘breeding’ also brings a thrill to me. So, let’s sit back and take a look at a breeding/impregnation fetish. What is so appealing about it that it has become so much more common? At least in my experience, I’ve seen a lot more talk of breeding and creampies in online NSFW spaces.


So what is it that appeals to people about a breeding fetish? After asking a couple of my callers and reading copious amounts of articles, forum posts, and fantasies, I have pinned a couple of the more common reasons. For some people, it’s the feral feeling. Pumping into a tight, unprotected pussy, and knowing that you’re going to fill it with your warm cum and potentially get her pregnant.

Breeding Appeals

For others, it’s the risk, knowing that potentially your seed could reach her eggs and create a child. But even as it’s happening and you’re pumping into her, you can’t help but feel a thrill from the risk you know is there.

As for me? I love the claiming aspect. The thought of ‘only one person gets to cum inside of me, and I belong to them.’ If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that claiming is a huge kink of mine, whether it’s through dirty talk or how often I beg for a collar on my Twitter. So, of course, I love the claiming aspect of the breeding fetish. Belonging somebody or somebody belonging entirely to me. What better way to show that than being completely unprotected, and together, body touching body, skin to skin? How hot is that?

Interesting Distinctions

In the course of writing this blog, however, I learned something interesting. A breeding fetish is not necessarily the same as a pregnancy or impregnation fetish. In fact, it could also go by a simple creampie fetish. A pregnancy fetish is specifically about pregnant women and women who are showing. Impregnation is the act of cumming in a woman, not for the enjoyment of it, but specifically to well… impregnate her. Having a baby is the entire point. It makes me wonder about how sustainable that fetish is…

As you can see, this blog is related to my one from last week, specifically about forced creampie. Didn’t read it? Click the link and give it a try. 

It was fascinating to talk to people who read it this week and wanted to give the RP idea a try. I always love experimenting with the ideas that I bring up in my blogs. Do you have any naughty kinks you want to confess to me? Are you interested in giving any of my blogs a try? Go ahead and give me a call! 

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