Any good slutty sugar baby knows that Father’s Day is an essential part of sugaring. Father’s Day is one of my favorite days to spend with Daddy, because it often involves buying something fun (and silky and lacy and sexy) for their slutty sugar baby. What better way to celebrate Daddy than by looking pretty and being a good girl for him?

Slutty Sugar Baby Goes on a Spree with Her Digital Daddy

Last Father’s Day, I had a digital sugar daddy. He and I couldn’t be together. As a result, he arranged for me to go shopping for something pretty, have a nice spa day, and then film something fun for him.

It was a great day! It started with a phone call from Daddy. He told me to get dressed in something comfy. He preferred a dress. I knew what that meant! Daddy always had his slutty sugar baby wear a dress when she went lingerie shopping. This made it easier for me to try things on. It also made it easier for me to change in between stores! I threw on a pretty pink silk wrap dress and grabbed my favorite sandals. Daddy said I’d be walking a lot. I wanted my feet to be just as comfy as my body.

The first stop was the mall. I spent hours in La Perla and Frederick’s of Hollywood. Daddy had me send him tons of photos while I tried things on. Then, he sent me a list of things to buy. I loved shopping with Daddy! This slutty sugar baby ended up with bags and bags and bags of pretty, silky, lacy things. I knew I’d be trying it all on for Daddy later again and I loved it.

Slutty Sugar Baby Goes To Get A Pedicure

Daddy loves seeing pictures of his slutty sugar baby’s feet, so the next stop on our shopping spree was the spa. I knew what Daddy wanted. I booked a supreme pedicure and settled into the chair to wait. Before they called me back to the spa chair, I picked out a gorgeous rose pink color. Then, I sent it to Daddy and he said he loved it!

The pedicurist gave me a nice long foot massage and really worked her knuckles into the soles of my feet. This made my toes curl – the same way they curl when Daddy lets me use my favorite rabbit. She used hot stones on my calves and wrapped warm towels around them. I relaxed; I could feel myself melting into the chair. Then, Daddy called me to see if I was enjoying myself. I really was!

She painted my toes so nicely and brought me a glass of champagne. This was one of the nicest pedicures I’d ever had. Daddy said he was so happy to hear how happy I was. When my pedicure was over, Daddy said he had one more surprise for me. I couldn’t believe it! This was Father’s Day, so this slutty sugar baby should have been spoiling him. When I told him this, he laughed. “No,” he said, “I get off on spoiling you.”

This made me blush. I loved making Daddy happy, and if this made him happy, then I’d keep doing it! Then, I asked what my next surprise was. He told me to be patient and to head back to my apartment. It would be delivered before too long.

Daddy Gets His Slutty Sugar Baby A BIG Surprise!

I went home and waited patiently like a good girl. Daddy told me to put on my prettiest lingerie from today’s shopping trip, so I chose the pale pink silk bra with garter belt and matching panties. I felt like a princess!

Daddy knew that his princess, as sweet and perfect as she was, was actually a bit of a slut. Daddy knew that his slutty sugar baby needed a really big cock to satisfy her, so Daddy sent me the most beautiful toy I’d ever seen.

The toy was bright pink, eight inches, brushed silicone, and it was THICK. Then, Daddy dropped the bombshell on me. It was wireless and controlled by an app. Daddy could fuck me with it from across the country. I was so turned on. I may be a slut, but I’m a petite slut. As a result, the size intimidated me. Luckily, Daddy always knows how to take care of me. He added a big bottle of lube to the order.

I looked at the toy and knew I was going to have a great time. Daddy knew it too. He asked me to make a video for him, so he could celebrate Father’s Day with that video and one of his favorite cock rings. I laid back in bed, spread my legs, and fucked myself with that toy so hard that, as a result, I squirted all over my bed. Luckily for me, Daddy was pretty sure his slutty sugar baby would squirt, so he had me put down the waterproof blanket he bought me.

Anyway, the toy was SO big and felt SO good. I squirted all over the blanket. It was the best video I’d ever made for Daddy. It was the best Father’s Day ever.

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