Submissive most of the time and Dominant at other times but ALWAYS a fuck toy!

I’m always Submissive and say “Yes.’ to what Brett tells me to do because I know it will always be fun and naughty. Sometimes it’s just handcuffs, sometimes we fuck in public and other times I let him gangbang me with his friends. Last night it was just the two of us. Now my pussy is still sore from the pounding it got.

When we got to the bedroom we stood in the middle of the room and went right to kissing, our hands going all over each other’s bodies as we got hornier.
His hand slipped under my shirt and cupped my breast, squeezing it as he said “I want to fuck you so bad. Are you feeling like a bad girl tonight?”
I’m always a bad girl and he knows it so I nodded as my pussy gushed. “Stand still,” he said and began taking my clothes off, doing it roughly and making me feel like I was just a Submissive sex doll that was there to be played with.
 His nails scratched my nipple as he took my bra off and the hint of pain made excitement rush through me. When I was naked he stood there with all his clothes still on and I felt so exposed even though he’s seen me naked before.
The first thing he took off was his tie and he wrapped it around his hands tightly while grinning at me.
 I stayed still as he walked behind me and put it around my neck, lightly choking me with it as he whispered, “What should I do with my Submissive Slut tonight?” Not knowing what he wanted made my pussy ache. My nipples hard and he took the tie off my neck and held it against my eyes, blinding me. I knew we were about to have Rough Sex.
I liked where this was going and when he told me to open wide I did so he could gag me with his tie. It was soft and silky but he tied it tightly around my head and I bit down on it as he came back in front of me.
 He then took the rest of his clothes off and pushed me down on the bed. He shoved my legs open and pushed two fingers in me, knowing what a horny slut I am. Brett pumped them in and out of me. Spreading my juices around my pussy walls as I moaned through my gag and bucked my hips up, trying to get him to fuck me.
 He slid his fingers up to my clit and rubbed it a few mores. Pushing me to the edge before stopping and taking his fingers out. Then he pushed my legs up to my chest and leaned forward. Folding me in half as he rammed his dick into me.
 It was rough and I let out a scream as it ripped into me. He felt so big and my pussy stretched around him as he went in deep.
Brett panted and groaned on top of me as he started fucking me, murmuring how good I felt. He pressed down on my legs, using them to brace himself as he thrust in and out of me.
He did it hard and fast, pounding me like a piece of meat and pussy juices leaked down my crack as my clit turned into a painful little bead.
The gag slipped in my mouth as I groaned and got my ass rammed into the mattress under me. His dick bruised me and my pussy clenched down around it as I began to tense up.
He moved faster, jabbing me with his dick until he fell forward and came. His dick brushed over my clit and set me off, making me cum as I screamed into my gag.
I felt shaky and worn out as he got off me. I just laid there as he took the gag out of my mouth. It was wet with spit and my mouth felt dry as he laid down beside me. My heart was pounding and everything below my waist felt sore but it was so worth it.

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