Having a slutty step sister would be so hot, right?

For this big brother, it is nothing but complications. His urges grow every day and he is struggling to keep his cock in his pants. Jake knows that he can’t give in to his dirty desires without his bratty little sister, Lisa, using it against him and to her advantage. Lisa makes it so hard for him too! She is such a fucking tease and she loves it! He can’t stop jacking off to the thought of her. Jake has to take control if he is going to get what he wants without his naughty step sister having power over him. This is Jake’s POV about the events that led to him finally fucking his slutty step sister!

Day 1: The Build Up

My slutty step sister left her panties on the bathroom floor again. She knew that I was just about to take a shower. What a fucking tease! I couldn’t help myself when I saw them. I just had to pick them up and give them a little sniff. Lisa’s pussy smells so good. My cock is already throbbing just from her sweet scent. I am definitely stroking one out in the shower for her sexy little gift! I am craving her pussy so badly. If only she would stop teasing me and give in to her temptation as well. I know that she wants me too!

Day 2: Secret Nudes

You would not believe what this little slut did! I woke up this morning to a few texts from Lisa. While I was sleeping last night, Lisa had come into my room, naked, and took pictures of herself right next to me! She even kissed my cheek! I swear, if I had been awake while she was in my room last night, I would have fucked her so hard. Now my cock is throbbing and all I want is my slutty step sister to come in here and take care of what she started. At least I have her nudes to keep me company. I bet I could use these as blackmail to get my cock wet!

Day 3: The Plan

I’ve had enough! This fucking slut is driving me absolutely crazy! I can’t stop thinking about her. Lisa’s nudes are constantly roaming around in my mind. The smell of her panties is permanently stuck in my nose. Every time she walks past me, my cock grows harder and harder. I can’t wait any longer. She has been teasing me non stop since she moved in and now that I have her pictures, it is time to get what I want! I just need a little bit more leverage. My plan is to sneak into her room, find her sex toys, and steal them. That way, I can tease this bitch back and she’ll come crawling to me for her fix! It’s brilliant, really. Hey step sis, it’s time for you to come get this cock!

Day 3: Later That Night

Lisa’s toys are now in the trunk of my car. She finally came home after a night out with her friends. Her short red dress makes me want to rip off her clothes and go wild. But, my plan is to make her work for it now. I want to tease her and get my sweet revenge. I invite her to come sit by me on the couch. As she is talking to me about her night, I start to rub on her thighs. She still thinks that she has the upper hand here so she lifts up her skirt to give me a peek of her panties. Then I took my fingers and brushed right over them. I’m never this forward and it’s confusing Lisa. After teasing her over her panties a little more, I stood up and left her.

My Cock is Lisa’s New Toy

When I got into my room, I heard Lisa heading into hers. I knew that she was looking for her toys because her panties were getting pretty wet on the couch. After a few minutes of drawers opening and shutting, I knew she was coming to me. So, I pulled off my pants and took my big 8-inch cock into my hand. Lisa flung open the door in a fit of rage ready to yell at me. Then she noticed my cock. I told her that the only way she was going to get her toys back was to blow me. When she refused, I pulled out my phone and proposed another deal. My proposal was that she could either blow me OR I would show our parents the nudes she took next to me sleeping.

I have Lisa cornered. It was time to put my slutty step sister to work! I had to show her what happens to girls who like to tease their older brothers. So, I walked over to her and helped her to her knees like a good little slut and slid my hard cock into her mouth. When she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and a mouthful of my dick, I almost came. Since we had already come this far, I wasn’t going to let her off that easy.

Fucking My Slutty Step Sister

I picked her up by pulling her long brown hair until she was standing in front of me. Then I told her to get naked like she did the other night. I don’t want any more of her teasing nude pictures, I want the real thing! Lisa stripped down and her body was so tight and sexy, my cock was raging. I pushed her back on my bed. Then I told her that I was going to make her feel so good, she might not even want her toys back by the time I was done.

My slutty step sister opened her legs wide and practically begged me to be inside of her. So, I fucked the shit out of her! When I edged closer and closer to orgasm, I pulled out and gave that little slut the biggest facial! Lisa is totally wrapped around my finger! I tease her more than she teases me. It’s become a daily thing and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a hot piece of ass living in the next bedroom!

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