Slutty,Spoiled And A Daddy’s Girl

I’ve been dating this older, wealthy man and he reminds me a lot of my stepdad. I used to have so much fun teasing him and my mom didn’t know a thing about it. I was a spoiled and slutty teen. I always wondered why she didn’t question why I had so many nice clothes, where I got the money to pay for them. Little did she know I was flashing the poor bastard at every opportunity to get let little treats, tips, gifts. He never fucked me, but I got that dick of his to rise on a daily basis pretty much from the day they married and he moved in.

It started off by accident of course, him walking in on me getting out of the shower, but I think he felt bad, so he gave me a little something to make up for it, then I got the idea, wait, what if I did this a lot, then wouldn’t I get more each time it happened? Bingo. I was soon “forgetting” to put on panties when I’d bend over, not remembering to tie my robe so it wouldn’t fall open when I’d nothing on underneath it, he’d give me rides and was a gentleman and would open the door and help me out, oops, I forgot to wear panties under my min skirt again! And did I spread ’em wide for him to see as I got out of the car.

gisele spoiled slutty

I was getting used to all the extras that came from flashing a pair or tits, or my pussy. I was spoiled rotten from all the things I had, most other girls my age didn’t have half the clothes. I was slutty too, I’d masturbate when my mom was out and leave my door open a few inches so he’d be sure to see if he walked by and I know he did, I didn’t look up, but I could see his form lurking in the doorway. I would have my knees up, feet on the bed, legs spread open wide, fingers in up to the knuckles, and I’d be moaning and waiting for him to push open the door, but he always acted as if nothing happened. I pretended I hadn’t known he was there, but I think he knew. I was getting envelopes of cash on my dresser all the time.

Once in the middle of the night I went downstairs for a snack, my mom was asleep and I knew he was downstairs in his study. I was totally naked, kind of a slutty thing to do I guess considering he was my mom’s husband, but I loved to tease the old guy, and he always gave me something, it was fun and easy to get extra money. We didn’t say much around my mom, and she was clueless about all of it. He was fun, and my new, older boyfriend even gives me his credit card, he doesn’t do the envelopes of cash thing, he just tells me to shop when I want, it’s very generous of him, I never told him about my slutty past with stepdaddy and what a spoiled teen I was, maybe one day I will tell him, he will laugh I know he will!

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