Our sweet little princes is much the same as the others here…All sugar and spice and all things nice…to the naked eye. But, once you peeled back the petals of this little flower, she’s as slutty as the cum! She likes to keep that undercover though, so her trick is, she plays asleep while it’s being done. That way she maintains a bit of culpable deniability.  Hence, the name…Slutty Sleepy Beauty. he keeps all of her kink off her own hands while getting fucked royally on a daily. What a concept? Get your pussy licked and hammered…”Who me? I was asleep!” Fucked up the ass? “My butt was sore this morning, that’s all I know!!” LOL About the only thing she couldn’t deny was getting deep throated…Kinda hard to “sleep” through that one, eh?

Our little Slutty Sleeping Beauty only hired men as her house staff. She did a LOT of sleeping after all and she wanted to know she was well looked after…in every area.  While asleep, these “man-servants” took care of every need Beauty had. They washed her silken locks, bathed her, waxed her pussy, gave her mani/pedis…You know, all the things a girl takes care of herself…if she’s awake. Because she was asleep more often than not, Beauty was on a purely liquid diet. Let me be direct…a jizz diet. It kept her protein levels up and her teeth pearly white. Yum!

So, while these gents-in-waiting took perfect care of their Mistress as she slept, they also helped themselves to all the goods the kingdom had to offer…The Slutty Seeping Beauty’s goods, that is. They plunged her pussy, ass and throat, pouring cum effortlessly down her silken throat and she drank…oh yes! She drank, but still she “appeared” to remain…asleep! Hmmm. How could that possibly be?

Well, the truth is, she was a truly slutty…and conniving sleeping beauty. She was perpetrating a fraud on her men. She was really awake more of the time than they ever imagined.  Well, yeah…she was awake some of the time…unlike in the fairytale, but, she was awake even more often than she let on in real life. She loved the sensation of being taken in a sneaky way. Something about her not giving permission was so fucking hot!  She needed to feel dominated, controlled…a slave, so-to-speak, to multiple masters.  She loved being treated like a secret whore. Loved being taken and devoured and loved and revered…and…

For the Slutty Sleeping Beauty, her only pleasure was in her sensuality. She could barely get off the bed during the time she was awake, so knowing that her men adored her in every way possible was her only break from perpetual slumber. She felt the soft caresses to her nipples, the lingering licks between her thighs and her ass cheeks. She was aquiver with the multiple sensations around and within her body. Every orifice was ALIVE with delight and wetness…slippery, lingering, ticklish wetness…

One of her favorite sensations, is sodomy. She loves the feel of hot cum, squirting up her ass as she’s being hammered by the Big Black Cock man-servants! The cream pie after is something she delights in while she dreams and creams…One of her man-servants loves to drink her milk. He loves lying in bed with her long after his shifts end; both tits and nipples in his hungry, hot mouth; sucking and drinking her milk all through the night.

This Slutty Sleeping Beauty never, ever has to want for a man. They are her own personal, beck and “call” boyz. They want nothing more than to drink from her fountain of youth and cream her thoroughly. I hear tell that the staff is about to increase.  I suppose you want to know how to apply for a position that allows you to fuck a cumpletely unconscious, hot chick as she sleeps, huh? Well, I happen to have an “IN” with someone, who knows someone…You could get on that list. Call to fuck me (What? I’m supposed to give this shit away for FREE? GIGGLE) and I’ll happily SHARE the 411 on how to do it to this helpless damsel in distress!



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