Fundraising with a slutty schoolgirl.

A slutty schoolgirl knows how to flirt with all kinds of guys to get what she wants, but it doesn’t always go how she plans. My school used to host a lot of fundraisers for its sports teams because uniforms and training can get expensive! We’d start planning for all the fundraisers at the beginning of the year. So, it was a cold January afternoon when I went out in the neighborhood to raise some money for school. It was just a little fundraiser, they were having us sell raffle tickets door-to-door and win over some of the residents. It was all so I could get some extra credit and get some funding for a cheerleading uniform for next year.

After a while of going from one door to the next, I finally got to the last house on the block, which was my neighbor’s house. He was always super flirty with me since I was the girl nextdoor and he was always checking me out. I’d stretch and practice in my tiny shorts and tank tops in the yard all the time. But this time, I was all dressed up in my schoolgirl uniform, with my long, black hair tied up in a ponytail. Sun was going down soon so I wanted to make a final sale and get home.

He was instantly all over me.

As soon as the man opened the door, he gave me a little smile, knowing that I’d already been down the other side of the street and was selling something. I’d seen him checking out my slutty schoolgirl outfit as I walked up and down from house to house. He didn’t seem to mind the interruption and even invited me in for some water. It was so polite that I instantly walked inside with him. I had been walking a lot and really wanted some water. After we went into his kitchen, I started explaining the raffle tickets and how I just had 15 left.

They were ten dollars apiece and as I started to explain what the prize was, he cut me off. He didn’t care about the prize, he said he just wanted to help me out. Gosh, he was so nice! He said he’d buy 5 of my tickets if I did something for him, so of course, I agreed and asked what it was. He wanted me to sit on his lap and give him a kiss. That seemed a little weird and I protested it instantly. But, it was just a kiss, right? For $50, it didn’t seem that hard.

So I kissed him.

First, I climbed on his lap and let him kiss me. And then he handed me the glass of water and offered to buy 5 more. However, he’d only but them for another favor. I asked what it was this time. He wanted to see my boobs. It didn’t seem that hard, right? I was hesitant..but I pulled the schoolgirl shirt up over my head and let him see them. And he reached in and started playing with them, which made me pull away from him a little.

He didn’t like that, but he said he’d do me one last favor. He’d buy the last 5 if I laid down on the floor. It seemed a little weird. Why? I asked him a few times but he said he wasn’t going to explain why he just wanted to see if I’d do it. After all, I only had five more tickets left to sell. I laid down on the floor a little confused, looking up at him as I started buttoning my shirt back on – but he didn’t let me. He got down on his knees, pushing me down a little more and taking control. He terrified and I tried to pull away, but he just wouldn’t stop.

His pants were off.

And he wasn’t stopping. As soon as I felt it slide in.. I knew the fight was over. He won. His cock grew to be rock hard. Soon, he started pumping, harder and harder, making sure to play with me so that it’d stay nice and wet. He went on for what seemed like hours..all I could do was try to push him off – but he got his full money’s worth. $150 worth of raffle tickets and a slutty schoolgirl fuck. He got all the ageplay phone sex he ever needed from his sexy girl nextdoor.

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