Ask anybody about one of their first jobs, and they’ll tell you how fantastically awful it was. The pay is low, the working conditions aren’t great, or they leave under unfriendly terms. Fortunately, one of my very first jobs as a sexy elf with a mall Santa went really well. I met some great people and had an incredible amount of sex as slutty Santa’s helper.

I never planned on being a sexy elf. The whole “mall Santa” thing seems pretty cheesy to me. But my best friend convinced me to join her in the endeavor. Since it was only a few weeks of my life, I decided to give it a shot.

Not The Most Joyous Time of the Year

The first few days went by without incident. I kept kids in line and pointed at the picture packages for the adults. It all seemed pretty uninteresting by day three. I wasn’t enjoying wearing the tiny, sexy elf green skirt or red felt hat. My best friend’s shift changed so we no longer worked together. On break, I told Santa that I wasn’t having such a great time.

He told me to sit on his lap and tell him how he could help a “sexy elf” like me. I sat on his lap and he rubbed a gloved hand over my thigh. I told Santa to “take it easy,” but he ho-ho-ho’ed and pulled me slightly closer. It never crossed my mind that he was anything other than a friendly elf. Clearly, I was wrong.

Ho-ho-WHOH! Santa is packing!

My thigh pressed right into the package in his pants. Ever so carefully, I fingered the outline of his massive cock. My pussy soaked immediately at the thought of him driving his sleigh into slutty Santa’s helper. Since no one was in line, I asked if he wouldn’t mind going into Santa’s Workshop (the set right behind us) for a few minutes.

I ducked inside and momentarily he followed, shutting the cardboard door behind us. I tugged at his beard, revealing a hot stud underneath the costume, and begged him to fuck slutty Santa’s helper. He put a white-gloved hand over my sexy elf mouth and said, “Be a very quiet little girl, and Santa will give you a present.”

Santa pulled out his impressive cock and let me drop to my knees to suck like this sexy elf was racing for the fastest candy cane licking competition. He absolutely punished my teen throat with his dick.

Slutty Santa’s Helper Probably Wins Pie Eating Competitions, Too

It didn’t take long before he had me on all fours, not unlike one of his stuffed reindeer just outside the plastic window. He mounted my sexy elf self and fucked me so hard and so fast, it made the workshop shake. I told him to slow down but he chuckled and plowed right into slutty Santa’s helper. After he put his hand around my hair, I whined and arched like a bitch. Then he pulled back on my pigtails like a pair of reins and pet my tits, telling me I was a “good sexy elf.”

He came so hard and so deep, I swear I coughed and could taste candy. After letting slutty Santa’s helper slide off his cock, I asked if we could ride again next break. He said he’d be sitting in his chair for another hour, so why wait?


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