My boss is a beast. He is ruthless and that is why he is on fucking top in his field. Not only that, it is why he is so wealthy. Take no prisoners. Of course, as his slutty loyal secretary, I am ready to do whatever for that promotion.

Hell, I would fuck a room full of hyenas if it made him happy. Thankfully, that isn’t his thing. His thing would be seeing me fuck a bunch of his expensive escorts. Of course, they are sexy so it is fun.

He isn’t bringing in trashy girls. This man only wants the best. Hello, he has me as his secretary.  He loves a good sex show and has all his cronies over for them. I usually help organize them.

So far, this slutty loyal secretary has only been a spectator.

However, he has a proposition for me. If I am willing to do a private show for him and his girlfriend, I can have this promotion. The private show is me with the escorts doing anything he tells us.

Of course, I keep it professional with him. He has no clue what a freak I am outside the office. This is right up my alley and I am going to hit it out of the ballpark for that promotion.

Rumor has it, the men up for the promotion have also been given propositions.  I don’t know what they are but I can guess they are pretty wild. Regardless, there is no way they are outdoing this slutty loyal secretary.

Our boss loves to see us in unusual positions.

So, I can only guess the guys are being offered a chance with male escorts for the bossman and his girlfriend. He is completely into the whole “live” porn experience.

Of course, now that I have seen some of the shows he puts on for his cronies, I can agree. Normally, I am the naughty slut in the pile of people. However, with this job,  I am the slutty loyal secretary getting to watch.

Similar to my Taboo Phone Sex. The raunchier my calls are, the better. I love a caller that can bring me super freaky fantasies. Although, only a few of them can out freak this wild nympho MILF!

I love that my boss thinks I am a normal lady.

I can’t imagine what he would think if he knew the life I live outside of work. His face would be in shock if he was listening to the details of that Frozen Grand Lake Party we stumbled onto.

Of course, his dick would be rock hard because he is a pervert like me. I think that is why we get along so well. He is a total pervert and freak. In the business world, he is completely professional.

Get him behind closed doors and he is wild. I wonder if all of the billionaires aren’t like him. And, they have a slutty loyal secretary too. I would love to share some of the naughty shows I have seen. Curious? Call me!