My, girlfriend, Adri, and I went up to Grand Lake. I noticed a fire & lights out on the lake with people having crazy fun. Therefore, she and I decide to walk out on the lake to see what is happening, and it is a frozen Grand Lake party!

Furthermore, I have heard of them for some time but never gone. Additionally, All these wild people are out on this big-ass frozen lake hanging out and jamming to some great music.

We figure it is worth staying to see how the night goes. Of course, we meet some sexy motherfuckers and bitches. Everyone is in a partying mood and we all end up drinking and smoking together.

Now, I see the pull of the frozen Grand Lake party!

As the buzz is kicking in, we are dancing on that big thick ice. The air here is dry so it isn’t as cold as you would think. In fact, as we start partying, some clothes are coming off.

Everyone is chilling and having a good time. There is a feeling in the air as we all continue to drink and smoke. More clothes are coming off as we dance with each other under the lights.

Soon, we are starting to touch and kiss as we are dancing. Not just one on one but everybody with everybody. A few guys get blankets out of their trucks and throw them down on the ice. It is one hell of a frozen Grand Lake party!

And, I realize this is heading towards some hot group sex.

Of course, not just group sex but a sexy orgy in the middle of frozen Grand Lake. Thirteen hot mother fuckers all getting into each other on blankets with no limitations.

Kind of like my amazing Phone Sex Chat! You see I love taboo phone calls and take all that comes my way. No limits, baby! The kinkier the better for this wild operator!

As naughty nympho MILF, I live a freaky lifestyle. Any opportunity for a hot orgy is a win for this slut. My Friday Night Party fun usually turns into wild orgies too.  I was meant for a frozen Grand Lake party!

I am telling you, I love sex and can’t get enough!

Of course, out there on the frozen lake, it is no holds barred. We are all naked in the cool night air. Laying on the blankets, intertwining with each other. Sometimes, I am with women and sometimes men.

Often, it is both I am fucking at the same time. Additionally, I see Adri and one of the hot guys to my left. His cock is fucking huge. She is riding him like he is a wild bronco.

Of course, he is smiling ear to ear to be fucking such a beauty. I fall back into the fun with the couple I am fucking and lose myself with them. And, that is just the beginning of our night at the frozen Grand Lake party!

Now, to hear the really naughty details you have to call me. Things get pretty kinky as the party continues. Curious?