Yes, I’m a Slutty Little Homewrecker

Being a slutty little homewrecker is so much fun! When I go out, of course, I look for the hottest men in the room and pounce. That’s just what I do. However, married men are now my newest obsession. I get off thinking about the wife at home totally oblivious that her man is under my pussy’s spell. It’s so much fun when they come begging for more, they completely forget about their family at home. Sometimes I’ll let them have seconds. But I usually just destroy their fidelity and move on to the next one like the slutty little homewrecker I am. 

I Love Conquering Married Men!

When I see a man with a wedding band it makes me want to fuck them even more. There’s something about a taken man that appeals to my horny urges even more. They may resist at first, claiming to be happily married. Well… that’s ok, I love a challenge. He never fails to end the night inside me and that is such a high for a slutty little homewrecker like me! 

At first, when I approach a married man and flirt, I usually play coy and say I didn’t notice the ring on their finger. Then, I convince them that a harmless little chat isn’t against the rules so why not just get to know each other a little. 

I know they are probably sick of having boring sex with their wives and they want to think it’s ok to innocently flirt with me. They probably think that they’ll go back home and jerk off to the thought of fucking me later that night. But, what they don’t know is that this slutty little homewrecker isn’t interested in being jerk-off material. I want the real thing and I know for a fact they want it too. 

Sealing the Deal

Our conversations start innocently enough. But then, I usually buy them multiple drinks and flirt shamelessly. I tell him his wife is so lucky and I hope she appreciates him as much as I would. Then I tell him that if he was mine, I’d fuck him every night. I go into detail about how I would greet him naked when he got home from work and suck his huge thick dick then let him fuck me however he wanted. By this point, I’m massaging his upper thigh and his dick is stiff and pulsating in his pants. 

I tell him what his wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her and we should never deny ourselves pleasure. By this point, my married man is completely caught in my slutty little homewrecker web. He doesn’t even realize that he is already mine. Sometimes, we get a hotel room and fuck all night. Sometimes, we just can’t wait and we go to the men’s room so I can show him how nasty I can get. 

The beauty of it is, no matter how many married men I conquer, there is always more to be had. I love being a slutty little homewrecker! 


Are you a married man? Do you want this little slut to wreck you?

I promise I will. Call me for wild phone sex!