My Local Slutty GILF Librarian Is So Horny!

I never knew that one slutty GILF librarian could have so many guys around her all of the time.  I knew there was something to her, but never could put my finger on it.  She had guys coming in and out of that library as if it was a take-out fast food joint.

She seemed so quiet and proper.  Somewhere under all of those skirts was a woman ready to come out in more than one way.  Then one day my brother let me in on the secret.

The slutty GILF librarian was ready to fuck anytime.

This lady was so horny that she made young women jealous.  I mean if you had a boyfriend or husband, watch out.  She will take them right from under your nose before you have time to react.

Anne the slutty GILF librarian made going to the library so fun. There were some taboo scandalous college sex rumors that floated around about her, but that didn’t stop her.

There was this time that my brother was failing history.

Oh, my mother was so furious when she got the news that her hard-earned money was not getting my brother the urge to press on in college.  In fact, he was just sliding by and staying under the radar.

Mom told him to shape up or there would be no further assistance.  So, he started going to the library.  The librarian Anne would come over to help him once in a while.  Then, one day she caught my brother Trevor sleeping at a table.

There was a way.

She told him that she’d help him, but he must do what he was instructed.  Interested, he took the bait because there was no other choice at the time.  The slutty GILF librarian leaned down and kissed his ear and made him tingle all over.  Trevor always had a thing for older women.

This older woman was so special. Anne was not only a little older.  She was a slutty GILF librarian with a family, Trevor was so horny he didn’t care.  She reached down between his legs and caressed him through his pants.  He moaned as she stroked his cock through his jeans.

Anne said he’d get more if he read a few pages.  After he read a few pages, Anne came over and took his cock out of his pants, and slyly stroked it under the table.  His dick got so hard and wet that all he could think about was fucking this slutty GILF librarian.

This older woman knew more than books. Anne knew her way around the young men who came into the library.  She had this way of teasing them.  She invited him into the back office.  Once inside, she closed the door and got down on her knees in front of him.

Anne took that big cock in her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head and took the whole shaft into that hungry mouth.

This lady was so relentless.

She teased Trevor then stopped and made him read some more.  He was so ready to burst.  Anne promised him so much more if he did good in his work.  Finally, when he had had enough he called her over to the table in the office and grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

She loved how he touched her.

Her mouth felt so good as she returned his passionate kisses.  He slid his fingers under her skirt and found her soaking panties.

He licked his fingers and tasted her sweet pussy juice.  Trevor didn’t want to study anymore.  He just wanted to fuck this slutty GILF librarian.  He bent Anne over his leg and patted her bottom.

Trevor bent her over in front of him and slid inside of her wet hole.  She moaned low in her throat as he moved inside of her.  He wanted to cum so badly but wanted to make this last.  Find out what happened next.

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