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As usual for the end of May, it was another sweltering Phoenix morning. Amazingly, the house was completely empty. My parents were at work and my brothers and sisters were all off doing whatever. Since I was home alone, this was the perfect time for this slutty college girl to get her nude tanning on. Seriously, who really needs a bikini and tan lines at a time like this? If I could get away with it, I’d stay naked all the time!

Stretching out naked in a chaise lounge by the pool, I lavishly massaged my favorite tanning oil into every inch of my sleek, young body. An iced drink sitting next to me, I softly moaned in bliss as I leaned back, sexy tunes blaring a hard beat in my ear.

The warm sun licked at my flesh like a lover’s caress.

A lover, oh yessssss. Specifically, I couldn’t stop thinking about last night’s hook up with Jamil, my sexy new neighbor. All the self-quarantine survival lately has been really challenging, so getting to “break my fast” was extra yummy! That being said, who knew that a first time fuck could turn out to be so very satisfying, yet leaves me hungry for even more?

Anyway, my eyes drifted closed behind my dark Ray-Bans as I idly caressed my flat, toned tummy in slow, sensual circles. Coupled with the memory of the mind-blowing fuck I’d just had yesterday, it didn’t take long before a tingling, throbbing sensation began deep within my core, spreading outward to envelop me from head to toe. Purring with pleasure, I allowed my thoughts (and my fingers!) to drift, letting them to slide over my moist skin to find my most sensitive spots.

As I moaned softly, my hands seemed to know exactly where they were aching to go.

First of all, I recalled Jamil’s skillful touch as he worked his way upward, cupping and squeezing my ripe, firm breasts. Deep into the fantasy now, I relived every single moment, relishing just how good it felt. As he gently yet insistently plucked at my achingly erect nipples, I arched upward in exquisite pleasure. I moaned softly, the sound echoing around the back yard. At the same time, my pussy began a slow, insistent throb of need.

Next, I imagined that I could feel his large, warm hands stroking downward to part my thighs. Then, a supple, clever finger deeply penetrated my drenched cunt. As a result, the sudden movement made me squirm and whimper needfully.

Omg, this felt so real, almost as if my new fuck buddy really was there with me at this very moment.

As if unable to resist a second longer, a second finger worked its way into my tight, slick little hole. I gasped in pleasure, amazed at just how real it all felt. Utterly uninhibited now and not caring who might see this slutty college girl, my legs fell open and my hips began to grind as I pumped my sweet little pussy. All of a sudden, a strange, quickly-stifled groaning sound startled me out of my fantasy.

WTF, is someone watching me right now? 😳 Gasping, I sat up to look around.

However, I didn’t see anyone. Indeed, the back yard looked the way it always did. Nevertheless, I couldn’t shake the feeling. Was there a fucking PERVERT staring at my nude, barely legal body? On the contrary, perhaps I’d simply imagined it? After deciding that I was too aroused to care, I laid back again as I sucked my delicious pussy juices from my fingers.

Last night, Jamil told me that I taste like “creamy, hot vanilla honey.” Know what? I think he might be right!

Of course, there’s only one way to find out. Mmm yes, it was definitely time for some more. Taking my time, I gave my oiled, glistening tits another languid, yet very sensual squeeze. After that, I slowly slid my hands back down the length of my sun-warmed flesh to my swollen “hot vanilla honeypot,” taking my time, making it last …

Clearly, I’m in need of fast relief. Furthermore, I’m not afraid to admit it. Wanna help with that, baby? Admit it, I know you’re aching to get your hands on this slutty college girl!

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