A slutty cheerleader for the cliche.

Slutty cheerleader stories are always so much fun to tell. Most people hardly ever want to share theirs. However, I get a little twisted joy out of realizing what a little slut I was. I trained as a cheerleader for most of my middle school and high school years.. and during HS, the coaches were even more rigorous on their training. My school was always in competitions, so that meant a LOT of cheer camp. And for a troublemaker, that means a LOT of opportunities to get into trouble with some of the guys in our team or other teams.

The girls on my team were always getting in trouble for sneaking off with the guys and making out in the woods. We were all little sluts and loved to get drunk at the first opportunity. Some even had their college boyfriends come down with beer so we could sneak off and make a makeshift camp in the woods. Other times, they would sneak them in and we would turn off the lights, while everyone got wasted and fucked each other in the cabin. Every other girl on the team was another slutty schoolgirl, just like I was. I guess we were all going for the triple threat, slutty cheerleader, schoolgirl, and whatever else we could add on to the end! Slutty teen, sexy blonde, sexy Latina… We all filled out the list somehow.

But some took it to the next level.

This particular time, I decided to have a little fun with one of the camp counselors. I always had a thing for ageplay phone sex and honestly, it kind of turned me on to go after the guys I shouldn’t be flirting with. The summer started off as normal as ever. Me having a little too much fun with one of the guys in our team, since the guys’ cabin was right next to ours. However, it was too easy to mess around with the guys my age. They were sexy and fun, but I wanted the older guys. I wanted a better target. So I went right for one of the male counselors.

He was mostly in charge of the guys on our team, but I was able to slink into his office one day after practice, acting like I needed to talk to him about a guy. He thought I was there to complain about another pervy teenage boy that he oversaw. However, I was there to turn him into one of those horny boys that couldn’t keep their eyes off of the slutty cheerleader. It didn’t even take much work, the poor man never saw it coming! He fell prey to every little thing I did, from crossing my legs and making the tiny skirt ride up.

It was all a seduction game.

I knew what I wanted. He was big, tough, and loved to flirt around with the other female counselors. So why not one of us? I’d make him fall in love with another slutty cheerleader if I wanted to. I could even get him excited to play with some of my friends if I really wanted to push the envelope. The truth is, I had him from the start. I had him wrapped around my finger, the second I saw the way his jaw dropped just a little. He walked into the room to see me sitting on his desk like that. I flirted with him for about ten minutes, and then took advantage of the closed door.

I made sure it was locked, just to get him excited by wondering why I had to go double-check it. After teasing him, I walked a little closer and walked around the desk. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my young slutty cheerleader curves, and my soft, perky ass. I started teasing him more. It was fun prying for information and implying certain things. He grew even more excited when I asked what he thought of counselors or teachers that get involved with students. He tried to play it safe and refused to talk about it at first. That is, until I just went for it, kissing him as deeply as I could. I only pulled back when I knew he still wanted more. And of course, he went for it, picking me up and putting me on his desk.

But he didn’t slide off my skirt.

He grew more excited by the thought of me keeping it on. Something about the little cheerleader skirt that he spent all day around, but never got a chance to play with. Must have been like kryptonite to fuck a slutty cheerleader like me.

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