Slutty cheating girlfriend: My best friend’s boyfriend makes me cum hard

Laila and I have plans to hang out this weekend and little does she know, I have plans with her boyfriend Ian also. I an and I have actually fucked around a few times already and he’s damn good at making me cum hard! My boyfriend has no idea that he has a slutty cheating girlfriend. He just loves eating my pussy when I come home.

Some people would say this is pretty twisted but Ian and I have already planned the way things will go this weekend. He and Laila are coming over Friday for drinks with me and my boyfriend. Of course we’ll probably play some games, haves some laughs and just enjoy each others company, for a while. Ian and I will be very careful with our drinking and make sure the other two get wasted. Once they pass out, the real party begins!

I’ve already picked the lingerie I’m going to wear for him. A sexy sheer top that’s pink with red roses, matching crotch-less panties, and my favorite red heels. Of course he’s going to rip it all off eventually, but it will definitely turn him on. The fact that my boyfriend and his girlfriend will be passed out in the living room turns me on even more. It’s one thing to be a cheating girlfriend, but cheating while your boyfriend is in the other room makes even more excited.

Ian is tall, dark, and handsome and he knows my body very well.

He knows exactly where and how to touch me and make me feel good. I have a few tricks of my own as well. He loves when I have his cock in my mouth and I do this little trick with my tongue. His favorite is when we are sixty-nining and try to see who can make the other person cum first. I get wet every time I think about sex with him. We’ve only done it a few times, but every time was just as amazing as any other time before.

I am literally counting down the days until our special night. Words can’t even describe just how excited I really am. Knowing that Ian is going to take control of me and have his way makes me wish we could do it every day. He’ll push me down on the bed, kissing his way down my tits to my stomach and when he gets to my pussy, mmmm, when he gets to my pussy he won’t stop licking me until he tastes my cum on his tongue.

After I cum all over his tongue, then it’s my turn to taste his love juice!

For Ian, tasting my cum is almost as good as him cumming himself. It makes him weak knowing that he’s pleased me in the best way. That’s my chance to take advantage while he’s weak. I’ll turn him over and put my hands on his chest, keeping him down while I stuff his cock in my mouth. When I do that little trick with my tongue, I’ll feel him clinching. The sheets with his fingers as his body tenses up. Of course, I won’t stop until I swallow every bit of creamy love potion. That’s the best part of being a slutty cheating girlfriend.

We take our time by licking and sucking each other, enjoying the feeling, and savoring the flavor. Once he pins me down holding my wrists tightly while his cock finds my cunt, I melt into the sheets anxious for what’s coming next. He likes to slide his cock up and down my slit teasing me and making me crave him even more. It just makes things more exciting.

Needless to say, I’ve got myself all worked up and right at the edge, simply by thinking about what’s to come. Although I know that it’s coming soon, I can’t help but crave him right now! The best part is that I’m thinking about Ian while my boyfriend is catering to me. I love being a slutty cheating girlfriend and having who I want. It’s the best way to keep things interesting.

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