I Recently Found Out My Slutty Acquaintance Fucked the Professor After Class!

There was a recent scandal at my college. My slutty acquaintance fucked our professor to gain a leg up in class. After all, who wants to work hard when they don’t have to? Sometimes students can feel like class doesn’t matter, but it really does. A passing grade can make the difference between a high paying job or having to do things for money that you’d really rather not.

My acquaintance Emmy and I had a class together during our very first semester. Ah, the days of being a new college girl still ring in my head. But, she was quickly overwhelmed with all her classes and ended up having to go an extra step for that passing grade.

We knew he was trouble right away. 

The minute Emmy and I walked into the classroom, we could tell there would be trouble right away. It wasn’t any of the hot boys we saw. The trouble was there at the front of the room. Yes, I’m talking about the professor. His name was Professor Hansen, he was very handsome but we could tell he was not the type to mess around with. He had a spark under those sapphire eyes. His stern face and salt and pepper hair showed his experience. I wanted to hide under my desk and avoid him at any cost.

As the semester went on, I was getting an A+ while Emmy panicked as she was on the verge of failing the class. Professor Hansen smelled an opportunity. Little did we know he liked it when the pretty girls were failing his class. It opened up so many options for him.

I always wondered why the professor seemed disappointed to give me my perfect papers.  I would think he would have liked my accuracy to fine details. However, I was wrong.

Fucking for grades?

I joked with Emmy that she should fuck the professor to pass the class. I never thought she would go through with it but it’s not the first time one of my slutty aquaintances fucked our professor. I’m sure students and professors are fucking in classrooms all the time.

I first realized she went through with it when we got our final grades. When I saw that she got an A-,  she finally told me the truth.

One day after class, she stayed behind to talk to Professor Hansen. She asked if there was anything she could do to not fail the class. He agreed to a mutually beneficial trade.

Hot classroom sex. 

Emmy dressed in sexy tight shorts and a tank top for their after class session. As soon as she entered the classroom, the professor dimmed the lights and put the blinds down to darken the room. He had a weakness for long strong legs and perfect round asses both of which Emmy had.

She went to him and started to undo his pants right away. He had made it apparent, he did not want a loving relationship, just some hot classroom sex. She took down his pants and began to suck on his rock hard dick.

He could barely handle it, her mouth was so good he was afraid he would cum too soon.  Emmy told me he had a short fuse if you know what I mean, so he pulled her off of him.

My slutty acquaintance fucked the professor, sort of…

Emmy didn’t get the hard fucking that she thought she was going to get. What happened next completely surprised me. Professor Hansen got on top of his desk and put his ass in the air. He begged and begged for her to fuck his ass because no one, including his wife, would do it.

Emmy worked that man and took total advantage of his vulnerability to get the grade she wanted. However, he couldn’t completely give in and give her a perfect score, hence, the A-.  My slutty acquaintance fucked the professor so hard it almost took her breath away.  She said next time that she was going to fuck him with her strap-on. Emmy giggled as she described his ass in the air, his whining, how he fucked his ass back into her hand like a bitch fucks a cock.

This arrangement only continued until the end of the term when she told him she didn’t need him anymore. There is more to tell you including a twisted plot that I never saw coming. Apparently, I was his actual target, not her.

There were a few more things Emmy did to game the system. I’ll save that for another day.

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