They Had To Be Sluts For A Ride

My roommate and her boyfriend all went to this out of town party last weekend. And her boyfriend drove us. It was around an hour away. Some friends of his that were obviously sluts and she didn’t know very well. There were a few dozen people there and we didn’t know any of them .Except for her boyfriend. Well he was being an idiot. And they got into a fight at the party and he drove off, he actually left us there alone not knowing a soul. I was furious and so was she. We didn’t have nearly enough money on us for any hour long cab ride. That would have been hundreds of dollars.

We had no choice but to ask some of the people there at the party if they’d drive us home.We asked if anyone lived down our way that we could ride back with. No one did. Finally one guy came up to us and said he’d drive us home. But we’d have to do him a favor. I asked what and he said we both had to fuck him. I laughed and asked if he was serious and he said yes. He said we looked like a pair of sluts and he thought we’d go for it. He wanted to fuck one of us before leaving and the other not far from when we’d be home. I couldn’t believe this.

We Would Have To Both Fuck Him For A Ride Home

Well sluts or not, I hadn’t planned on fucking some stranger for a ride home. But I didn’t know what choice we had, we couldn’t walk. And no one else was volunteering to help us. We agreed. I said I’d fuck him first. So we went into a bedroom and I stripped down and laid on the bed. And he took his clothes off. He took his time running his hands over my tits and ass, kissing and licking me all over.Even leaving hickeys all over my neck and breasts. And finally he fucked me. He actually had a decent sized cock and wasn’t bad. I hadn’t thought I’d enjoy it. But he was a determined little bastard and he did everything to make me cum. Which I did, sort of against my will. But the price was now half paid.

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We started off in his pickup truck and I leaned into my girlfriend .And I told her he was actually a good fuck. So she was likely going to enjoy it. She gave me an odd look, but I just smiled at her. We were around fifteen minutes from our apartment when he pulled over on a dead end street. And he told my friend to get in the back of the truck. He had a blanket back there. He laid out and I sat in the front waiting, I could hear some muffled talking.

And then the truck began to rock back and forth I swear I was starting to get turned on as that happened. And I then heard my friend squeal. The same noise she made when I heard her when her boyfriend stayed over. I laughed and knew she’d cum. They got up and back in the truck and I looked at her smiling.But not saying a word, he got back in the drivers seat. And then drove us the rest of the way home. It was an odd night to be sure, but I can’t say I regretted it.

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