Sloppy road head makes any late-night drive down the backroads a memorable experience. Just think about it, fellas! The rush and pleasure of feeling warm hot lips wrapping around your cock. Glancing down, and seeing that naughty dream girl with her head bobbing up and down. I myself would know first hand just how fun and exciting it really is! It’s an exciting feeling knowing you are making your man swerve a little dangerously down the road. 

The First Time I Gave Sloppy Road Head

I remember the first time the urge to live a little dangerously came about. My best friend’s boyfriend was driving me home from her place one night. We had just had a huge fight cause I called her out for being a bitch to her boyfriend. Which she so totally was, apparently, she never liked giving him head and didn’t think she should have to. Naturally, they asked an outside opinion, and I sided with him. Getting a blowjob is hot. 

Well, little miss nun in training got huffy and told him he could take me home. All stupid, in my opinion, there’s a difference between being bratty or just plain annoying. She was just annoying. I felt terrible for him, fighting so hard for a single blowjob. So as I sat there looking out the car window thinking about sucking cock, I found my hand resting on his lap. Being polite, he didn’t say a word, not even when I moved my hand further northward. 

Was it wrong? Maybe, but suddenly all I wanted was to give him the one thing he really craved. I knew if we just stopped, he would take too long getting back, and she would have his head. So I found a little loop-hole. Undoing his jeans and pulling out his semi-hard cock, while he attempted to focus on the road, I started stroking it. Getting it super hard, all 9-inches. Did I mention his girl-friend was crazy? Who wouldn’t want this dick in their mouth? His cock twitched in my hand, anticipating the sloppy road head. 

Do Try To Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Horny and nervous, I started to lip the outside of his shaft slowly. While sliding my free hand into my panties under my dress and playing with my pussy. The wetter I got, the hunger for his cock was only built. Wrapping my lips entirely over his head, his gasps sending shockwaves throughout my body. My mouth-watering as I slowly started bobbing my head. Picking up speed, only slowing down when I could feel him slightly swerve out of our lane. 

Now with three fingers inside my own cunt, with spit running down and collecting onto his balls, he was begging for it! He wanted it; he wanted me! It was clear now; no one had given him a good sloppy road head before because he was going crazy for it. He was thrusting up into my mouth, constantly swerving, speeding up, and slowing down. The whole trip was exhilarating! 

When he pulled up in front of my house, he could barely contain it any longer. I felt the car accidentally pull up on to the curb, and instead of adjusting, he just pushed both hands down on the back of my head and blew his load right into my mouth! It was so satisfying tasting that hot, salty, thick creamy load exploding into my mouth. Still holding me down, I had no choice but to swallow down every last drop of his cum. 

I Would Do It Again

The whole event was an incredible turn-on; I went inside and played with myself all night long, re-imagining it again and again! Never once did I feel bad about giving a sloppy road head to my best friend’s boyfriend. In my opinion, she shouldn’t have been such a prude. But then again, I am the slut that convinced myself I was doing a gracious service. 

Not a single part of me felt bad, in fact, I found myself thinking about it constantly sucking on my own dildo, trying to simulate the experience again. Was it because it was someone else’s boyfriend or just an exciting first road head experience? I’m not really sure, but I never miss an opportunity to do it again!  

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