A Blow Job In The Car After Work. I love Road Head!

Work sucks most of the time, I think we can all agree on that. It’s a bit better or worse depending on your job and I think accountants have it the worse. I bet they hardly ever get road head! Staring at numbers all day sounds so boring, I’d kill myself if I had to do that for 40 years. I feel so sorry for Jeff, he’s only in his early 40’s and will be an accountant for another 20 years unless he retires early. What kind of a lie is that? I just had to do something to bring a little joy to his life and told him to meet me at the back of the library when he was finished work for a blow job.

The parking lot was empty when he arrived except for me and when he parked his car I got out of mine and went over to him. I got in the passenger seat and leaned over, giving him a long kiss. I told him that he must be so glad to be done with work and he must be in serious need of relaxation. My hand went to his thigh and stroked him as it went higher as he told me that he didn’t care about work right now, all he wanted was me.

I put my hand over his dick and felt a small bulge there.

He must have been thinking about me all day. I rubbed him slowly and he moaned, leaning back in his seat. I felt him get harder and I undid his zipper, taking his dick out. His boxer had a huge wet sot of pre-cum on the front and I thought of him sitting at his dick and touching himself while no one was looking. I wondered if he had some porn to help him out or if the thought of me was enough to satisfy him. I bet it was just me.

Then I put my hand around him and slowly stroked him as I told him to just relax, I was there now and I wanted to make him feel good.

Then I pumped his dick a bit faster and he let out a soft moan. I kept going as I moved my body lower and my hand slid down to his base. I held my fingers around him as I stuck my tongue out and licked around his head. It was leaking pre-cum non-stop and I slid my tongue over his slit, lapping it up. I felt him twitch and I licked him again, doing it slowly. I then put my lips around him and slowly moved down his shaft, letting him hit the back of my throat.

His musky scent surrounded me as I moaned around him and his thighs clenched at the vibration while his fingers held my head. I started sucking him slow and steady, letting the aching need build until he was letting out lots of throaty moans and pulling my hair. I went faster. My wet tight lips sliding up and down his throbbing shaft giving him a porn star blow job. I kept going and when he shoved my head down hard I choked on him. Cum dribbled down my throat as he came and I could hear him panting above me.

 I slid his dick out of my mouth and licked my lips clean.

I sat up and quietly got out of the car while Jeff put himself away. Then I got in my car and as I drove away I saw him watching me. I think he’s going to be sending me a hook up text very soon. If he’s lucky I might just give him another after work road head treat.

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