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Now that I have your attention – you know why you are reading my blog. You’re nothing more than mesmerized butt puppet. You can’t help yourself – you are human and you are a man. Your head might pop off if you miss staring at one perfect ass. I know you just can’t wait to stare and drool at my perfect sweetheart ass.  Interested in a little JOI phone sex? (Touch it for me – stroke it hard – better slow down)

My ass just moves back and forth in front of your eyes, mesmerizing you, putting you in a trance. I have you under my spell. You want it so bad. You can taste it – you crave it – your dick is so hard for it. I want you behind me  (where you belong) stroking your cock (only when I allow you) worshiping the most perfect vision will ever see. Touch your cock for me – stroke it slow – I want to tease I might say no! Let me hear you beg!! I love to hear you whine.  I might let you slip inside.

Don’t get ahead of yourself – I’m into humiliation phone sex – I can almost put a million dollars down, on the size of your cock. 2 inches – 3 inches – maybe 4 on a good day.  It’s ok – Not all men are blessed with the cock made for fucking.  Oh, My – How many times has the wife gone elsewhere – Lots of BBC dipping and cumming home to you.  Still hungry? Remember what you were doing, before I distracted you?  Your mind has drawn a blank – You’ve almost forgotten your name.  You keep stroking it again and again. You can’t think clearly now.  All you want it a taste of my perfect ass. How bad do you want to explore ass eating phone sex?

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I’m all the naughty things wrapped up into one – Any fantasy role play might be fun. Daddy’s perfect little angel, Best Friend’s Wife or Daughter, Sexy Boss Lady, Hot for Teacher, Luscious Mommy you can’t ignore. You’ve fantasized about them for years and now you want more.  Ready for some naughty fetish and fantasy phone sex combination?

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Let’s be open-minded together and explore all your Kinky ORAL Fetishes. Are you ready to have your limits pushed? Let’s get in touch with your submissive side together, as I push all your boundaries.

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