Are you sleepy? Well cum on closer.

It’s October 1st and you’ll learn really quick that I love to celebrate the holidays and my favorite is Halloween! So crawl in closer, grab your favorite blanket, and get ready for a month full of erotic horror stories and reviews, ranging from fetish, to voyeur, and all the way to good ole snuff! That’s right boys and ghouls, this creepy little doll loves her horror and gets all wet from hearing a shrilling scream. So listen up as I whisper with a nice little bed time story that will sure get you ready to fall asleep.

While She Sleeps

I watch you as you come home from a long shift at work. She greets you at the door with a soft kiss, which you return rather reluctantly. I know the look in your eyes, that feeling of nothingness as you resign to yet another day of keeping her occupied and happy. You look so sad. I want to come to you right now and take you away from the boring life you lead. But I have to wait until the time is right and you are ready and willing. As you sleep, I watch over you, listening to every breath that escapes your mouth. I watch her sleep beside you. So innocent to your feelings. She dreams her sweet dreams, so secured in the little world you’ve built for her and so unaware of the thoughts that race around your brain. I wish she wasn’t there so I can offer you that forbidden love that you need. The things I can give to you that she can not.

But I am a phantom to you. A dream you can not name. But I wait and bide my time, sitting outside your window, whispering deviant desires into your mind that cause your loins to ache and your heart to beat.

Night after night I watch you struggle with desires that you can only taste but can not quench. I watch as taboo cravings start to drive you mad until I come at night and breathe my longing into your mind which causes you to shiver with anticipation. I watch as emotions cross your sleeping features and it drives me wild beyond my imagination. I burn to touch you and I ache to press my lips against your sweat glistening skin. I hunger to taste you.

I walk up to you in the coffee shop one evening. I smile into your mind and I breathed my name into the wind. You look up from your book and see me gazing across the room at you. You smile in absent recognition and you know me, but you don’t know how. You feel a wave of longing that throws you and I see the uncertainty in you.  As you gazed around the room I can see you waver. She waits at home, cooking your meals, doing your laundry, cleaning your home, cramping your world. You want, no need, escape. If only for a short while. I whisper your name into the air and ruffle your hair with the breeze of my breath and then I leave. And it feels good to leave you hanging with unresolved desire. You return day after day to the same coffee shop and I watch as you look around the room with each visit, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman who has tempted you with her gaze. I watch you leave in resignation and walk home with a heavy heart, and a deepening melancholy in your mind. You think of me with every breath, with every step, with every movement. You dream of me, feel my desire in your soul, smell my scent with every sip of drink or bite of food, feel the feather touch of me every time I caress your mind with mine.

You park your car outside your house. I sit across the street and watch as you drag yourself home. Knowing that the time had come, my mind races with want and need. My skin itches with the longing to touch you. To finally take for myself what I had hungered for for so long. You feel my gaze on your back and you turn to look at me. But you can not see me. It is a phantom touch, but you know I am there. You whisper that you wish I was with you as you step inside your front door. I smile and take advantage of those words.

I sit just inside your door, crouched in the shadows the corners offered. I whisper your name. Hypnotized you with words meant to make both of you drowsy. Her with sleep. You with need. And I wait until you both go to bed and I hear the soft rhythmic breathing of your hearts. Then I creep into your bed, looking over your face as you sleep. I breathe my name into your ear and watch as your face softens in recognition. You smile as you open your eyes and finally look right into mine. You start to speak, but I put my fingers over your lips to hush you. You stir, and I put my hands on your shoulders to still you. You look at her beside you and I shake my head and quietly tell you that she will not wake. I touch your lips with mine and I caressed your ears with my teeth and my tongue. I run my fingers down your neck to the throbbing pulse that beats at its base. And I knew that I you are mine, even if for just a short time. I take my teeth and nibble on your neck and you throb with need and shudder with desire. Your body runs hot and fast and I feel you harden, but I do not release you from your want just yet. I run my fingers through the hair on your chest, working my way down to the center of your desire. You reach for me, but I press you down. This is my game and you are just to lie there and be played with. You lay back and sigh, close your eyes, and give into the pleasures that I am performing. When you think you can handle it no longer I straddle you and guide your cock inside my wet, warm pussy. You gasp at the heat and tightness of me. Thrusting up into me I push down on you. You reach for my tits with your mouth and your hands and I let you take them to you and suckle as a baby to its mother and I put my mouth on yours to stifle the moans that threatened to escape. As you come close to shuddering with fulfillment I make my final move. The move I’d been dreaming of and wanting for for so many weeks. You arched your neck at the exact moment my hunger peaks. My fangs grow and I bite down into your neck and drink the blood your heart pumps into my mouth which feeds my hunger. Your breath and heart slow as I lick the drops of blood from your neck, savoring the taste of your spent desire. I watch as the life drains from you and the last beats of your heart pound in your chest. Your eyes widen to the thought of how could your “angel” do this to you. I kiss your your cold lips as your last breathe escapes your body. And I did this all while she sleeps.

Then I turn to leave with a smile on my lips because of the thought of how heartbroken she’ll be to find you dead next to her when she awakes.


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