A Sleepover is most fun with a horny bed companion!

I had the most amazing sleepover with my best friend Sheri recently.  Sheri is a beautiful girl and loves to party.  She dates a lot of men who would love a chance to get her in bed.   I don’t blame them, she’s your typical hot girl from L.A. Tall and blonde, breasts of the silicone variety.  I was in bed on Saturday night, a little after 11:00 PM and just starting to doze off when my cell phone rang.  It was  Sheri.  I answered the phone, already in a bad mood.   “This better be good.”  I said.

“Oh, Sabrina!  You HAVE to rescue me from the date from hell.  PLEASE!”  she pleaded.

“You’re kidding.  I was in bed and almost asleep!”  I said, annoyed.  She begged, she pleaded.  The guy was rude and he smelled bad.  He chewed with his mouth open and his fly was unzipped the entire night.

“Okay, okay. ” I got dressed and drove to the pub to collect her.  It was only a half a mile away from my home, but about 7 miles from hers.  “You’re staying the night at my house.” I informed her when she slid into the front seat.  “I’m too tired to drive your ass all the way home.”

“No problem!” she was thrilled just to escape the date from hell.  “We’ll have a few drinks!”

“No.  YOU can have a few drinks.  I’m going to bed.”  I muttered as I headed for home.

“Whatever!” she smiled at me.  She looked gorgeous for her date.  She had on bright pink lipstick and her dress was extremely tight and short.

“Your tits are just jumping out of that dress. You look really slutty!”  I advised her.  She laughed loudly.

“That’s the look I was going for!” she said.

“Yeah, well… you nailed it.” I replied.

We got to my house and she kicked her shoes off in the living room and ran to the bar to pour herself a drink, probably my husband’s good Scotch.  My husband was out of town so I told her to come have a sleepover in my bedroom with me. I climbed up the stairs and pulled an extra nightie out of my dresser drawer.  I tossed it on a chair and climbed back into bed, still annoyed with my loud friend.  She burst into my bedroom, singing and laughing, obviously drunk and prepared to get even more drunk.

“You’re going to sleep?” she cried, “It’s not even midnight!”

I ignored her and pulled the covers up over my head.  A sleepover with her usually involves very little sleep. She stepped out onto my balcony to smoke a cigarette, then quietly returned, undressed and crawled into bed.  She snuggled close to me and I felt her cool skin against mine.

“I left a nightie on the chair for you.” I mumbled.

“Nah… you know I like to sleep naked.” she giggled.  I turned away from her and found a cool spot on my pillow, determined to finally get some sleep during this sleepover.  Sheri put her arms around my waist and pulled me closer, spooned me and let out a gentle purr.  “Thanks for rescuing me, Sabrina.” she whispered in my ear. “You are such a good friend to me.  I want to repay you.”

“Mmmmm hmmmm.  Buy me breakfast tomorrow.”  I said, already starting to doze off again.

“I don’t think so…” she pushed her hips against mine and began to rub my stomach and thighs with her hand.  She reached up and pushed my hair away from my neck and planted soft kisses on my back and shoulders.  Now I was awake.  I lay very still and let her hands roam all over me.  Her breathing was getting harder as she explored my body.  Her hand moved slowly to my hips and she gently turned me towards her until I was facing her.  

She put her hand on my cheek and kissed my lips softly.  Next she kissed my chin, my neck, my chest.  With her expert hands, she slid my nightie right off of me until my tits were pressed right up against hers.  She kissed me more frantically now, and I opened my lips and let her plunge her tongue inside my mouth.   Our tongues swirled around together and I put my hands on her head and pulled her closer to me.  She was on top of me now and I took her tits in my hands and rubbed and squeezed them gently.  She pulled herself up and I was able to close my mouth around those amazing breasts.  She moaned as I licked and sucked on her nipples, and she was thrashing her head around.  She lowered her head and kissed my breasts now, softly pulling my nipple in her mouth and nibbling very gently.  Suddenly her face was in my crotch and she pulled my panties off of me, placed her hands on my inner thighs, spread my legs and dove right in.

“Oh… FUCK!” I cried out as her tongue darted around my pussy lips and then on my clit.  She pressed her tongue hard against it and bobbed her head up and down, her tongue sweeping the length of my throbbing clit.   I was afraid she would stop in mid-lick, so I wrapped my legs around her shoulders, reached down and held her head in place.  “Don’t stop.”  I pleaded, “Please don’t stop!”  

I closed my eyes and felt the orgasmic wave begin to rise and overtake me, I lifted my hips and as she sensed I was starting to cum, slid her finger inside my pussy and started to frantically finger fuck me.  I cried out as I climaxed and thrust my hips into her, jerking with my spasmodic explosion.  I shuddered and moaned as it slowly and deliciously subsided, Sheri’s licks slowed down as well.  As I lay there, catching my breath, Sheri crawled over to me, put her arms around me and gave me one final sweet kiss.  We immediately fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was an amazing sleepover. And I did make her buy me breakfast in the morning.

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