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I am having a sleepover fuck fest with my bestie and her daddy, and we are going to cum over and over again. Cassie’s daddy is super hot! I have noticed for a while now that he can not keep his eyes off of me when I am around. Truthfully, Cassie does not know that I have fucked her daddy behind her back for some time. What did she expect when another hot blonde girl came over?

Every time I go over to her house and spend the night, I have a sleepover fuck fest with her sexy ass dad. Literally, I disappear all night with him. He cannot resist fucking me so hard that I cannot walk the next day! He is such a pussy whipped daddy! His fat dick is absolutely obsessed with hot young girls like us.

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Fast forward to tonight, I am knuckling deep inside Cassie’s pussy!

I know her daddy is watching us as we get all hot and bothered! She does not seem surprised when he barges in, actually I am the one surprised! As soon as she saw him, she fell to her knees. Almost as if it were instinctual.

I wrapped her hair around my knuckles and slid her up and down his shaft. She is going to gag and choke on his eleven-inch cock! Especially, because she did not tell me that she has fucked her daddy’s cock before! What a little incest whore! I take his cock out of her mouth and slap it against her face.

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My pussy is about to get rewarded.

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