Sleeping Beauty Rises Again. Time to Reclaim What Belongs to You!

Have you ever wondered if sleeping beauty rises again? Well, let me assure you, I certainly have! Don’t imagine the story as some childhood bedtime story. But, instead, a GROWNUP truth when we allow ourselves to relent and release our inhibitions. As we reach for our own sexual liberation from childish thoughts.  Then, beCUM all that we are meant to be! EXXXperience it all for REAL!

Imagine, if you will, the ability to drift into slumber and act out your most debaucherous and irresistible delights. The joy of surrender, even in slavery. I was locked in by sleep and being engulfed in a fairytale of taboo sex where no means “oh, yes! ” It frightens you to the point of ecstasy, doesn’t it? But, it takes you somewhere you yearn for, right? In the first place, I wasn’t kidnapped. I was willing. Even if I had no idea for what.

Here is Where You Get What You Want!

Take time for unreserved erotica. Nurture your thought without inhibition or judgments. Now, sleep. Settle in and relax into the words you are consuming while sleeping beauty rises. And, let it all go to the wayside for a time. BeCUM someone else… for now. Then, CALL me for some hot phone sex to act it out. If you don’t suffer from aphantasia. You can do it, can’t you? Open your mind’s eye! Let me in!

In my mind’s eye, I can see him coming into my chamber where all of the family servants are cobweb-covered and have sat motionless for quite some time. The Prince approaching my bed and staring at me. Of course, he admired my smooth skin, my luscious body, my dark berry-colored hair as it was splayed out on my pillows. A completely captive audience; as sleeping beauty rises again.

Slowly Open Your Mind and Let Me in.

I could be anyone, anywhere. I’m all women, aren’t I? For example, sleeping beauty rises again from sleep but not yet; just so he feels free to experience what he secretly yearns for. Not to take, but perhaps, to give of himself in claiming me. My body lay as motionless as the day the spell was cast. I barely breathed.

But, he perceived the slow almost imperceptible rise and fall of my breasts. He leaned forward and stroked the breast he bared when moving my gown to the side. He fondled me and even in slumber, I loved the way he made my body feel. Moving down, I felt him enter me. Then, he gasp at discovering my innocence; proven by the streak of red along his shaft.

Hey, Sexy Sleeping Beauty Rise Again!

A sleeping beauty rises again for only one thing. Now, I know the old story says it was the kiss of true love. But, we all know what wakes a girl from a peaceful sleep. And it’s NOT a kiss, okay? He dove in again and again until I stirred completely from slumber and clutched him with legs wrapped tightly about his waist and his dick slamming into me.

So, of course, I woke and ground back on him until he exxxploded inside me and collapsed as if he too had fallen under a spell. My spell. I put out, but I also love being wide-awake for it all! Don’t you need to take a little something while I sleep? Come on and see how a sleeping beauty rises again. Trust me. I’ll make YOU rise too! Call me to get yours.

 This tale continues…



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